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    suss this beast!!

    its insane!! wonder what it sounds like?
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    Drum scene live tour tonight!!!

    IM SO EXCITED!!! tonight I get to see these guys in action! Lucius Borich (Floating Me) Stanton Moore (Galactic) Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall) Lucius Borich has to be one of the most underrated drummers, he is defiantly in my top 10 list!! Anyone else in Adelaide going?
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    some fun footage from fridays relaunch!

    thekillbotfactory:​=3mkU5DYxFOk I had a blast!! I think it was the best show yet!
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    Does anyone make a Mahogany/Bubinga kit?

    I have read threw many a thread trying to find out which is deeper fater sounding and apparently they both are? does anybody know if there are any companys making a Mahogany/Bubinga kit as that like the birch/bubinga?
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    heads for deepest sounding drums?

    What heads would everyone recommend to get the deepest fatest sounding drums, kick/toms? I have a maple kit and would like to do all I can to give it more of a bubinga mahogany sound, i get that this is impossible but anything helps
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    How do you find time !?

    So Im a new dad, mrs, working full time, and a gigging band.Doesn't sound like much but f******k me... Just wondering how you all find the time to practice? really struggling to find any time at all let alone to practice.the only time I get to play my Dw's is at band practice! Just want to know...
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    Anyone free AUG 12th in Adelaide SA?

    if so I am playing me re launch and would love it if you can come out and then we can discuss the show etc on this amazing forum? Time 12 August at 19:00 - 13 August at 00:00 Location The Cavern Adelaide Cnr North Terrace & Bank Street Adelaide, Australia More info thekillbotfactory will be...
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    G2 clears or G pro's??

    Thoughts? I am currently using Ec1's (which they don't make anymore..) I'm looking for something fat, deep, with some warmth??
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    Bass drum help

    I have read through quite a few posts using the search and still cant really seem to find or atleast understand the answer I am looking for, I am currently using an EMAD batter and just the standard DW reso, as much as i enjoy the dark wet punch,i need something a bit fatter/deeper/more sustain...
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    cymbal erosion, green spots?

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone else has these troubles? Im playing hi energy shows and sweating like a mo fo in a steam room throwing myself around flicking it everywhere, im starting to think thats the problem?? What am i getting myself into here with this green spots of death coming up on...
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    Trained VS self taught?

    Hey gents/ladies, just wanted to hear(read) some opinions and talk on the subject of self taught drummers and trained drummers ie expression of self in what you play, technique,style and what you think on the subject weather one might suit certain genres more etc etc etc , etc.... And what you...
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    some old footage of my band "thekillbotfactory" live!/artist/artist_videos/1283546 a bit dodgy but still fun
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    can i please get some opinions on my drumming/band?

    If it's no bother I would love to hear some critics and opinions and my drums and the band I'm in. This might seem like spam and it might well be but in so a serious request. We have 2 tracks up, would love it if you can listen to them both threw and...