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    "Awesome Video"

    A buddy of mine sent me this you tube link. I recommend wearing headphones or a good sound system for the best listening experience. BTW if you dont get a bit teary eyed or at least get goosebumps, IMO you dont have a
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    Boogie Woodie at the Chicago drum show.

    Just a pic of the Boogie Woodie's at the Chicago drum show. Walnut set in front, orange stained maple set in background.
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    I may never make it pro but one of my drums

    Just finished a deal with the drummer from "Dead Tapes" Manchester England who will be recording their next album soon at the Carbon room studio in Birmingham and he just had to have my spare 18" floor tom. Not only did he pay me well for the drum he also paid the crazy cost of shipping it from...
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    blind comparison

    urls stopped working, ignore this thread urls not working, will post later
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    Set Lists

    Trying to put together a new band but unsure which direction to go because the local clubs are not booking classic rock anymore, blues never flew around here and country is limited to 1 or 2 clubs a couple times a year and a few low paying community center gigs. There is some good modern stuff...
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    Boogie Woodie custom drums

    Boogie Woodie custom drums in Ludington, MI just released their line of drums. Basically a reincarnation of the radial pros which ceased production in 2002. For more info : Walnut snare thick shelled Maple snare thick shell Maple snare thin shell, toms...
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    Should you quit your band flowchart!

    Just thought some others would find this funny as well.
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    What direction?

    Been talking to a couple guys about putting something together and short of a tribute band have come up empty. We talked to a bunch of the local bars, pubs, cabarets etc and have been told that the classic rock is played to death by a million different bands ad its just not drawing any people...
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    Aquarian heads

    check out this video from aquarian on their different heads, i believe all the bottom heads are classic clear, thats what they used to recomend and i think this is before they started making the high frequency, anyone notice the toms......anyone? lol