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    Dream Cymbals

    I went to my local music store this weekend asking about cymbals, i was asking what cymbals they recommend for me and they threw out the idea of buying these knew turkish cymbals called dream cymbals. Has anyone used these or heard them? theyre getting their shipment in of them in like a week...
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    Need help with cymbals

    Ok so ive been playing for roughly 2 years now and i still have the beginner cymbals that came with my tama swingstar and it took 2 years to break my ride(its starting to crack) and now im having a hard time deciding on what to do. should i just buy a b8pro ride or pst5 ride hcs ride etc...for...
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    I cant beilieve it!

    This Christmas i received a late gift from my local music store alto music, I won a raffle for a tama artwood custom snare and a stewart copeland signed head! Ive never won anything in my life so i was so excited, its funny though they put the wrong caption under my picture im not frank im nick...
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    Tama superstar 6 piece

    alright so right now i have a tama swingstar 5 piece but i have it set up as a 4 piece because i cant comfortbaly play it as a 5 piece. so this weekend i went to my local music store and i saw this tama superstar 6 piece sitting right in the front and instantly i was drawn to it, from the looks...
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    would this work for a tom mount

    well i want to have my tom off my bass drum because i want it lower and to the side(played my friends kit and loved it) so i was wondering if you guys think this would work for the tom mount
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    Remo ebony pinstripe or black suede

    ok so ive been looking at these heads and i just cant decide between the ebony pinstripe heads and the black suede heads. i am definitely getting the black x for my snare when it becomes available online but i got the money for new heads and i dont which to get, i appreciate all the help
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    which snare to get

    well my birthday present has changed from cymbals to a new snare. ive been looking at these snares and i cant decide which one to get porkpie 6x13 acrylic snare vs little squealers acrylic and the 7x13 one or and ocdp snare, i appreciate all the help...
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    meinl mcs cymbal pack

    well my birthday is in two weeks and ill be turning 16! so i expecting a good gift this year cymbals! i was looking in the meinl mcs cymbals because there not two expensive and i will eventually upgrade to a better series(maybe the byzance or any other series). i was just looking for feedback...
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    messing around

    ive only been playing a few months and i just wanted to post up a video my drums need all new heads
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    My tama swingstar

    hey guys whats up i got some pictures of my 5 piece tama swingstar and i said whatever might as well post em up. its standard sizes so i think its 5 x 14 Snare 9 x 12 Rack Tom 10 x 13 Rack Tom 16 x 16 floor Tom 22 x 18 Bass Drum and i also have a Gibraltar intruder direct drive double bass...
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    Gibraltar Intruder

    Ok i recently got some money and i now have enough to get a Gibraltar Intruder double bass peadal, i was wondering what was better and whats the difference between(performance wise) the dircet, strap or chain drive on these pedals. im also open to other pedals around 250
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    Paiste black alpha

    does anyone have these cymbals or have a review on them because i was looking into buying them
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    Tama iorn cobra jr vs Pearl P122TW vs DW400

    ok so im looking for the best double bass pedal with the max amount of 200 on it. i want a good pedal that will last me a while and is best for the price so Tama iron cobra jr vs Pearl P122TW vs DW400 im open to other double bass pedal options
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    best double bass pedal for around 200-250$

    whats the best double bass pedal i can get for around 250$ i appreciate all the help i can get