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    Drum set finish - yea or nay?

    As horrible as it could be but whatever people are willing to set appart ;)
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    Comprehensive Gear List

    Is it to show our GAS to everybody ;) ? Ok let's do it, it's also a good memory test for those who have a lot of gear ! Kits Premier Signia Maple Shell bank : everything dressed in coral white. Rock kit : 22 12 13 16 - 14x7" snare drum Fusion kit : 22 10 12 14 - 14x5,5 snare drum Other Snares...
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    Metal or Wood?

    Deep Maple snare all the way. I like the bite and the cutting of metal snare, but from all the snare drums I owned and played, I was always drawn toward 14x6,5 maple snare, would it be Gretsch, Premier, Starclassic, Tama Artwood, DW... Those are the most versatile snares I've found. I have a...
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    Ludwig 1970s 3 ply WMP

    Wow, beautiful drum kit. Congratulations. I'm sure they look and sound better with single ply coated heads on the toms ;)
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    Bass drum reso color

    I tried some times ago and made a test with a DW Design, I tend to prefer the black front head on this one. What do you think ? If only the bass hoop was fully painted...
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    Bass drum reso color

    I like black front skin on white kit but your kit looks beautiful this way. My kit isn’t pure white, it’s pearlescent white, slightly cream therefore white heads look too whitish, too pure white on it. It doesn't look good. So my two bass bass drums are wearing black reso.
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    I didn’t mean to be rude, so there’s no point of answering that. Premier business is actually questionable - I live on the other side of the Channel and can’t find any Premier reseller - still as said above, FB and websites are still active. Ordering may - I hope - be possible. Any stat from...
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    Resonant heads

    To help DDan about his reso, it would be useful to know what reso he has on his drum at the moment. What I have found is that stock batter skins on mid-level kits are not very good, but the reso heads are even worse, really thin, really cheap, changing both (top and bottom) is expensive but will...
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    Would : Gretsch, Tama, Premier of course if they’re still in business. Wouldn’t : Mapex, Yamaha, Sonor still i don’t see the point of this survey ?
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    Resonant heads

    The advantage of using the same skins for batter and reso : when the clear G1 on the batter side are dead or really pitted, I simply switch with the reso one and put brand new G1 on the reso side.
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    Help identify an old Tama RoyalStar?

    Clear or coated G1 on Tom batters are not for everyone’s taste, I like lively drums, with open sound, some others may prefer heavier heads with darker, dryer sound.
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    Help identify an old Tama RoyalStar?

    I had played this kit with the ubiquitous heads of that period : the Remo CS. it did all right but not my type of sound. I played it with clear G1 and sound lively yet controllable thanks to the the shallow rack toms. I kept the remo CS on the bass drum batter. A bit dry though. This drum...
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    Help identify an old Tama RoyalStar?

    I have restored a set of royalstar long ago. It was battered and was certainly older than yours because the inside of the shell had a gray paint, Zola coat. The wrap was iced silver. Nice kit. One thing I must warn you about: the lugs have a nice design but are very fragile !
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    New Tama Starclassic Performer line, maple/birch

    To be correct, since it's a quote from one of my post, I said kits from cheap to mid level are sporting 8 lugs. Indeed mid level Premier APK / XPK had 8 lugs, Signia like mine or Genista had 10. XPK can't be labelled cheap : they were the best sounding / looking mid level kits. It's the case for...
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    4 piece kit........

    Yes, Rod Morgenstein had some Signia like those. I tried for fun to play it, it’s really disturbing, but a lot of fun ! Four rack toms implies a hihat position too far left. Barely playable in real life. I wanted to try a Simon Phillips Style kit.