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    Hard Rock Cymbals

    I have two Zildjian A rock crashes from the 80s and they still sound great and have help up well for all of these years under hard playing. Worth a look. I now find myself liking the A medium crashes since they are a bit warmer ....
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    8 or 10-lug for indie pop/rock, fusion?

    I have both 10 lug and 8 lug Tama snares. As stated above the 10 lug seems much drier (it also has a heavier hoop). I find myself playing the 8 lug 80% of the time since it is more versatile and has a nice open sound, especially for live situations.
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    Tama Stagemaster boom stand Pros&Cons ?

    I have a stagemaster boom and standard stand. They are well made and light! much better then the heavy Tama stands I have from the 80's.
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    Is this vintage Zildjian a crash, a ride, or a crash/ride?

    Related to a question I was going to ask. There is an article from Neal Peart about some gigs he did as a teenager. He talks about his 18" Zildjian and his 20" Zildjian and borrowing a buddy's 20" Zildjian ... but he does not differentiate between crash or ride. Was that typical in the 60's...
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    What are considered "cheap" cymbals?

    I have a mix of A Zildjians, 2002 10" splash and an 80's HHX Thin china. No issues they complement each other. You can mix and match brands.
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    Concert toms

    Yes, I dont like the sound of Roto Toms which is the other end of the spectrum ...
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    Concert toms

    I have the 6 and 8 concert toms from DW (satin black design series). I love them, I am a huge Peart / Rush fan so ....
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    Paiste 14" 505 green table heavy Hi Hats?

    Typo in heading. They are Green Label Heavy Hi Hats .... and in great shape!
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    Paiste 14" 505 green table heavy Hi Hats?

    Back in 88 I picked up a used set of these hats. Used them forever until I picked up 13" new beats. I have read these are essentially Rude Hi Hats. I am going to play them again today. what does the collective think of these hats?
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    New 10" splash? what type?

    arrived Saturday and it sounds awesome! I bit brighter perhaps than my 2002 10". I really like it.
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    DW Drums from a Non-DW Player's Perspective

    So I did not read all of the replies. I have a basic TAMA Imperialstar with Remo Ambassador heads top and bottom. Black wrap. I added the DW Design Series concert toms with a black satin painted finish. God those concert toms are heavy from the hardware. The black satin paint with the DW HW...
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    New 10" splash? what type?

    thanks all. Stay safe!!
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    New 10" splash? what type?

    Hi. I was looking for a used A Zlidjian 10" splash. Picked this up from Ebay for $40. I want to make sure this is not an older A custom but just the basic A Zildjian model. Thoughts? I think it was a good deal if it is indeed an A model. Thanks
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    Neil Peart's Ludwigs

    My favorite overall kit was MP and Exit.... But the Ludwigs were really nice. Not a fan of the DW especially the last album. Too low and muddy.
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    Neil Peart's Ludwigs

    I always thought they were the same kit ....