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    Chris Adler - Website

    Long time no see drummerworld, glad to be snooping around here again! The time has come for Chris Adler to attain a new website and I have been challenged with the task of building it. I met with Chris a couple years ago and I've grown to be friends with him and recently we were able to figure...
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    Jazz Songs to Play Along With

    As some of you might know (if you even remember me) I am a huge metal head, been listening basically all of my life - but I've come to a point where all I have played to is classic rock and metal (basically every type of metal mind you) and I'd love to dabble in a new field of drumming. Jazz has...
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    Need Some Help - Questions For Chris Adler?

    Hi guys, hope you are all doing well. Basically, here's what's going on: I got in contact with Chris Adler from Lamb of God and set up an interview for a friend of mine. I was wondering if anyone here had some suggestions for questions for Chris, maybe something about his technique, or his set...
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    Launch of new

    Myself and Dom just launched his new site - hope you enjoy it! Would love to hear some feedback if at all possible - thanks guys!
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    Tama Player is Back

    Hey Guys, Been a long time since I've been on the forum. Just checking around, seeing how it's going, also wanted to see if any of the originals of the forum are still around, at least some when I signed up a couple years ago. Later Guys - Alex
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    Hey guys, remember Dan Britt's Forum? Well, we have transformed into the drum city! Come check it out, forum for drummer like this one, which by the way I am not try to steal members. we have around 160 members so far. p.s. You'll see the link in my signature. Alex
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    John Favicchia here

    He is one of my favorite fusion/jazzy/Latin drummers around. His music with his band (Dharma Allstars) is excellent, I just can't get enough!! I did his website ( and be warned Mozilla users, your version is not done yet, lol) and talked to him on the phone and he is very relaxed...