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    Did you ever ignore one of your kits only to ask "what was I thinking"?

    Washer and screws included and it's in the UK - I hope that helps. Not sure if the size of the Big R's is different... :)
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    Any VIntage hardware collectors out here?

    I'm not really a fan of vintage hardware but I do like vintage drums. That's how I got my hands on a pedal (Z5317) and snare stand from the Sonor Phonic series. I like those two items quite a bit as they are both sturdy and elegant looking:
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    My new cymbals

    Since Bulgaria is part of the European Union, you can just check out ebay - shipping won't be too high and no customs. Mixing cymbals isn't really a problem and you can get some experience what you like. Another advantage of used cymbals: if you break them, it's not the end of the world. Not...
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    Did you ever ignore one of your kits only to ask "what was I thinking"?

    Not sure if this is too expensive but there are new Beavertails made by Rogers:
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    Ultimate independence: playing unrelated tempos on different limbs?

    Nobody plays one-handed 16ths at 276 bpm. This type of independence would also make you as a musician independent (no more calls from other musicians :p ) I remember Pete York talking about a drummer who slowed down with his feet while speeding up with his hands, but that's the closest things I...
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    Canopus or DW

    Just get a Stage Custom... Sorry, wrong thread. I like the Canopus more but I have zero experience with either one, so that's worth nothing. :) If you want to break the circle of buying and selling, just carve your social security and credit card number into the shells, glue irreplaceable...
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    Got a new project to work on
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    Drums by the pallet

    $100 for pallets that included Slingerland and Ludwig drums? And here I am, thinking that I've found good deals... Oh, before I forget: No pictures? o_O
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    Looking for a long cowbell holder for mounting on the bass drum hoop

    Cheers for all the recommendations - I ended up with the LP Claw on the small tom (rod reversed). It's not exactly perfect but definitely better and not too expensive. I didn't want a giant clamp construction that interfers with the position of other stands.
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    Gear you wished existed...

    You'll regret that purchase as soon your singer tells the audience to "Get on the floor"...
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    Bass drum reso color

    Why settle for one color if you can have two? [Are black and white actual colors?] I think it looks good as it is. :)
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    Gear you wished existed...

    A simple cowbell holder that mounts to the bass drum hoop and which has a rod long enough that you don't have to choose between 1) off-setting your floor tom all the way to the right or 2) constantly hitting your knee. The existing rods might be long enough for a 22" bass drum, but I'm 6' 3" and...
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    Great drummers can play it all

    Sorry, but what do you mean by Swing usually not being in 4/4? Of course, the actual rhythms of the melodies are not just 4 quarter notes but the time signature?
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    If you could only recommend three instructional books, what would they be?

    Just my 2 cents: since there are infinite interpretations and combinations you can spread yourself too thin with just Stick Control, too. :) I don't see a problem with having a few books that you use only for a few things. Learning some standard grooves is important to play music and it could...
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    Are you still happy?

    Not to mention the lack of mind-numbing dance music and sales talks about protein shakes and VIP memberships. :)