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    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    I don't think we should share links to copyrighted material here - I don't know about US laws but normally this is not what mods want to see on other forums. My bad if Stick Control is so old that it's open to the public but I guess not since it's still in print. On a completely unrelated note...
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    Airto Moreira - The Spirit of Percussion - Anybody has it?

    I just bought a copy online - first time I've seen it available. Here's a picture from the store. I can write something about it once I have it if anybody is interested.
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    Rick Dior demos 35 amazing snares from his collection

    Neat! I've discovered his channel a few years ago when looking for Wilcoxon solos. Amazing control - such a great drummer. Glad to see him post more videos recently.
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    Partido Alto example by Goran Rista

    Thanks a lot for the explanations! Since you offered that we can ask some more questions, I'd like to ask about some things that I've read or heard in different places and probably also mix up. I've heard both answers to those question, so it'd be nice to clarify this. There are probably no...
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    Snare dampers

    There are also external snare mufflers. I got some when I bought a set of various hardware parts on ebay and I like them now. I put them at the 10 o'clock position and they don't get in the way of sticks and brushes. Another plus: you can vary the pressure with a screw and you can remove them...
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    Advice for agility around the drums

    You might enjoy this DVD & Book:
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    What is your workhorse snare from your collection?

    Quoting myself from a different thread: The two Tamas are what I'd take to gigs with shared equipment as they are reliable and work smoothly. The Artstar snare is really great and sturdy. The Yamaha stays at...
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    What's the most difficult instrument you've ever tried to learn or play?

    I think you confuse me with Seafroggy who also has a maritime cartoon character as his avatar. Mine is Squidward Tentacles, though - the spirit animal of everyone that can't play wind instruments.
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    What's the most difficult instrument you've ever tried to learn or play?

    Trumpet - I was able to produce a total of two shaky notes. The remaining two hundred sounds were barely audible or just terrible. I only tried it once but I developed a lot of respect for trumpet players that day. The learning curve feels like a brick wall in the beginning.
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    Simply Red - Stars Groove

    I see, then I'd probably do it like here and try to get away with regular 16ths whereever it's possible: I think that writing every single swung 16th would make it hard to read.
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    Simply Red - Stars Groove

    How about writing it in 16ths and make a note that they are swung? Or are there some notes on the second partial that I haven't caught? By the way: Why did you notate as 2/4 and not as 4/4?
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    Snare stand for a 22" snare drum?

    I don't know about stand but you could look for how people use bass drums as "gong drums" - How deep is that "snare"? If it's very deep, you might be able to use long floor tom legs. BTW: Where do you get resonant heads and wires for this thing?!?
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    Long lasting changes because of the Coronavirus

    So you think we should avoid isolation of the elderly in the future? I doubt that this will happen due to COVID-19. Some say that the situation in Italy is so terrible (more than 5000 deaths and 50000 infected) because different generations live in the same household and therefore more old...
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    Long lasting changes because of the Coronavirus

    The fatality rate is unfortunately completely unknown even with enough available ICUs - you see studies ranging between 0.5 and 20% if you factor in the temporal delay between registered infection and death. Others claim it's much lower because people with symptoms have a higher probability to...
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    Is there such a thing as a bad Sabian?

    Isn't that typical? I thought that's how companies place the logos: see where the center of mass is and place the logo so that you can read it behind the set. At least from my experience, most cymbals align towards that position. I haven't played many AA's but they were all rather good. The Pro...