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    Yamaha SD-016 snare drum

    Another possibility if you have a worn-out set of wires and can't find a replacement: Get a larger regular set of wires like 16" and have someone who's good at it solder those new wires to the old end pieces.
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    A fun acquisition!

    Worst Bop Set Ever (Enjoy!)
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    Snare drum recommendation needed please!

    What about those Worldmax Black Beauty clones? @Al Strange has one of them if I'm not mistaken.
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    Record Store Day 2021

    I love records but I'm not a fan of the Record Store Day - most stuff is pretty expensive and aimed at collectors, so these records also get bought by people that want to sell them for a premium price to those that missed out. I don't need fancy gatefold covers with etched numbers in the runout...
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    Jazz soloing: Filling, phrasing, voicing, trading 4's 8's, vocabulary.

    How about posting an ad that you're looking for beginner/intermediate Jazz players? They want to learn, too and having a band makes it so much more fun and guides your practice. Have some sessions with them in a studio if the prospect of sessions in front of an audience and with unfamiliar tunes...
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    What's on your "wishlist"?

    1200? I don't know about the details, but thomann has quite a few cheaper Philharmonic models at a discount: I hope that helps. :)
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    Pro Drummer advice

    Regarding the degree: it *might* be helpful to get a job as a music teacher at public schools but I don't know how the regulations are where you live. Scratch that if it's not a prerequiste in your region. There's no harm though in applying for a college even if he doesn't intend on going there...
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    Which ride should I get?

    +1 on taking your other cymbals with you. I generally prefer used cymbals if you're not sure but if you have a good store that you want to support, I'd try to take a guitarist with me. Since you play Rock, you probably want a Ride that doesn't get lost in the mix when playing with your band...
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    Okay, Let's Concentrate on Singles

    This one? Or the Stone Killer in Joe Morello's book???
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    What DRUMMER has the most success / notability as the songwriter?

    Some more composing drummers: Max Roach, Airto Moreira, Jack De Johnette, Tony Williams.
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    Who needs toms? Only joking of course! But we can explore fills created from the elements that we’re already playing on without heading to the toms!

    Of course you need a floor tom - that's where you put books and brushes! :) Best of luck with your channel - I really like that you get to the point without the endless waffle that's present in so many youtube videos. That you always manage to put your message into the thread title solidifies my...
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    Cymbal Setup - Am I Done?

    Short answer: No. Long answer: Never. (You have some nice cymbals by the way)
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    How do you....use a book?! (seems silly but its really bugging me!)

    Flex the cover and the pages you're working on over the binder. Foldable music stands have those thin metal arms to hold the book open. If all fails:
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    Getting a small kit

    The Yamaha Manu Katché has 3 toms (10, 12, 13) and a 16" bass drum:
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    Stick Control - How to count the short rolls in 6/8

    Well, it's not very clean (there are some hiccups in the single strokes) since I haven't practiced these exercises yet and I'm certainly not a pro but at least it's free. :D I just realized that my hands are doing some weird things, so thanks for showing me what I should practice myself.. (y) I...