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    I'm an idiot and feel bad

    I think it was just an honest experience you made, and you frankly communicated so in that band, which is a good thing. In hindsight things often seem clear, but you needed the process to come to the conclusion you described.
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    Good bass tutorials

    Hey guys We all know plenty of cool online teaching stuff for drums – drumeo, mike johnston, and a lot of engaged drummers everywhere. Does anyone of you that also play bass know of similar channels from and for bass players? How to create cool basslines, how to work on your left hand...
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    Found This On YouTube, Can Not Deny The Logic.

    I think it's a good video, well presented, and I like the snare sound. I believe the important thing is not really whether the bass drum is centered or not on stage, but where we sit relative to the drum kit. When I set up, I always keep in mind what direction I will be looking at once I'm...
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    Seriously, why do I keep switching?

    After several rounds of buying, selling and reselling you might have "lost" the amount of money you'd spend to permanently keep a second set of cymbals, don't you think? I think having to sets of cymbals is a great thing anyway :). You can choose for the room and for the music, and you can...
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    I just discovered the band Rammstein

    Yeah I always liked Seemann too. It's Till Lindemann.
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    I just discovered the band Rammstein

    I've always liked the band and their sound, especially their riffs. I tend to prefer their kind of "ballady" songs like Nebel. I'm not too much into some of their lyrics, though. And I don't really watch their videos at all, but then I don't really watch music videos generally. Don't know why...
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    Swiss Matthias' short beatz thread

    Beat #45 – Basically just enjoying my beloved Meinl cymbals and a nice displacement idea at the end I had :).
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    Steve Jordan with the Rolling Stones

    I'm no Watts-expert, but according to the photo above, Charlie did exactly the same thing with his cymbal positioning. So I guess Jordan just pays tribute to Charlie's setup?
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    Weather wipes my gig

    Sorry to hear!
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    Swiss Matthias' short beatz thread

    Beat #44 :D – for friends of triplets🙃.
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    iPod discontinued by Apple

    I don't like it! But I've seen it coming, because after they stopped the iTunes app synchronizing my iPod went more and more downhill. Just today I wanted to upload some mp3s onto my iPod, and it only worked after 5 tries and one restart of the iPod :rolleyes:.
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    Vlade insanely underrated drummer

    I know him thanks to the cool Meinl videos. Awesome and very musical drummer, like him a lot!
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    Swiss Matthias' short beatz thread

    And one more :). Beat #43 – snares.
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    Matt Garstka

    I like Matt's drumming, and I highly admire his ridiculous skills and work ethic. I also enjoy Animals' new album! I find Matt and his video tutorials (which I bought and downloaded most of them) very inspiring, even though I won't practice or use or need a big part of it in my own musical...
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    Swiss Matthias' short beatz thread

    Thanks :) ... OR, you'd get fired up!🤪