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    best seamless aluminum snare?

    I have both of these fine drums, and find I prefer the wetter, more polished tone of the Supraphonic. However, and perhaps it's just me, but my Pearl Sensitone 5×14 represents a nice affordable cross in performance between the two. Probably closer to the Acrolite, overall, with it's brushed...
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    Are the Black Beauty and supraphonic still the snares to own?

    While great snares, (I own one of them) you have to take stock of your musical needs while keeping your budget in mind. Since I don't have a BB, I've found I may not need one, as my NOB Pearl Sensitone has worked quite well over the last five years +. I find the brightness of brass isn't always...
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    Heads for 80s Acrolite

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    Heads for 80s Acrolite

    Closest to what was on there would be an Ambassador coated or G1 on top, and a Diplomat, or Hazy 200 bottom. Your choice. Done deal.
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    Heads for 80s Acrolite

    Again, the same prescriptions many offered for the Slingerland you recently posted will work on the Acrolite. Also, please search the forum on this ubiquitous drum, as there are numerous threads about it. FWIW, I roll with Evans G1 over hazy 300.
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    Are you asking for advice on in ear monitors, or head phones? Please clarify. I use Sony MDR-7506 phones, but don't use in ear monitors, as I couldn't get used to them. Perhaps the fine members here with experience with IEMs can chime in if that's what you're looking to learn about.
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    RIP Eddie Money

    Eddie Money passed away earlier today. One of the realy good people in Rock and Roll. I remember seeing him a few times in the 80's and early 90's, and have to say, he and his bands always played their hearts out. You always got the impression he really loved his fans, and received their love...
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    Snare Strainer/Throw Comparison

    I can highly reccomend the Pearl 5x14. Fantastic sound, tuning range, build quality, and overall performance for the price. I've had mine for 5 and a half years, and it's a keeper. The only difference is, mine has the SR-017 strainer, which I love for it's smoothness, and practicality. I...
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    Slingerland Heads

    I used a standard Ambassador on the bottom, as I only needed the Classic fit on the top. They do make Classic Fit heads for the snare side if you need one, BTW.
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    Ludwig Experts: Ludwig Classic Maple Opinions

    FWIW, my Gold Sparkle Ludwig Classic Maples are clearly stamped inside as being from 2005, and have badges starting with 341XXX.
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    Slingerland Heads

    Try a Remo Classic Fit. I have a "swollen" Acrolite that had a tight Ludwig head on the batter side, and a new G1 was still too tight. The Remo Classic worked ad advertised.
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    Head Change

    Were the Ludwig by Remo heads of a crimped hoop design, or, traditional epoxy glued Remo design?
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    Weird Acrolite

    No, I doubt it was the same issue, but the flesh hoop of the Ludwig Rocker head scratched the shell. Thanks for your reply.
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    Weird Acrolite

    This is an interesting post...will have to look at my Acrolite and get back to you on this.
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    Where to get a single bass drum that matches my set

    Not to mention the two alternate sounds produced by two well tuned bass drums played by a skilled drummer. Nothing like it in music IMO.