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    China Cymbal: Cup, Bell, or Inverted Bell?

    If for no other reason than authenticity, I would go with the squared off cup designs that are offered. This contributes to the intended trashy sounds of a Chinese cymbal we have come to love. Historically, that squared off bell, was intended to be a handle of sorts for marching soldiers to hold...
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    I need that thick, deep, Nashville country music snare drum! What do I get?

    A Pearl Session Series 8×14 tuned low with some of the muffling mentioned above. Relatively inexpensive solution. Or, a used drum in deep dimension with rounded bearing edges. LM 401 Ludwig would make it happen as well.
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    Back in 2015, after a year of owning a Pearl 6.5x14 MCX with die cast rims, I switched to the then- new Fat Tone hoops in an attempt to open up the sound. I ended up with a hybrid sound/feel between a 2.3mm triple flanged rim, and a die cast rim. With a shell that's on the thick side, I really...
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    Anybody use a riser with a 20" bass drum?

    Just curious as to what type/brand of bass drum pedal you are using, and does the beater go past vertical? Also, does the cam of the pedal clear the bass drum hoop with your Dixson? I know my Iron Cobra doesn't with my Gibraltar lift.
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    Learning Songs as the New Drummer

    I would make my performance as close to original as possible, but add my own personal flair and individuality to each piece of music. That way I would be providing the band value added with my own unique style. Think of it this way: how many great drummers have been replaced by other drummers...
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    Back on tension rods

    DFD is very legit. I bought some 8 hole 2.5 mm hoops for a refurb of my Acrolite last year. Great service and products. Very professional folks to deal with.
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    Vox Telstar Drum Kit Demo

    Bo, I remember those 11" tom tom days! That and the triangular lugs with "video pastel colors. "
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    Vox Telstar Drum Kit Demo

    I have a feeling this current fad will fall away faster than its first iteration back in the day. Not likely to be around on the market all that long. Just one man's opinion.
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    Ian Paice Drumming: Deep Purple Top 10 Songs for Drums. Tier List + Stats

    Ian Paice is very underrated, IMO, in the discussion of legendary classic rock drummers. Great chops, with a musical ear that allowed him to create memorable drum parts that always supported Purple's sound, and allowed them to go a lot of places, musically, over a very long career span.
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    Bass drum pedal hitting screw.

    I It looks like someone took that wing screw off one of the stands and put it on the pedal. That's what I meant by OEM. Good to see you've gotten it all sorted out. Have fun!
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    Bass drum pedal hitting screw.

    Do you know for sure if the wing screw is OEM? You might want to consider cutting it to make it shorter if all else fails. I remember seeing a photo of on of Ringo's kits with one of these pedals attached to the bass drum. They no longer make these, but the new Atlas Pro isn't a bad pedal for...
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    What brand mount is this?

    Those were offered as late as 1975, per Pearl's catalog of that same year. By 1978 the new "pistol" grip was introduced.
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    New Pedal at Sweetwater

    Thanks for your reply! I did find this video with regard to set up. Seems to me having room for floor tom legs might be more of a problem. I'm not really a double pedal player, so I'm only looking at the single pedal. BTW, I noticed a video out there showing how to tighten up the heel plate...
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    New Pedal at Sweetwater

    Good points...just might try the single, or. SOLE, model. Only concern would be the larger than life footboard, to me anyway. Mostly use my Pearl Eliminator and occasionally, my Iron Cobra, or, Speed King. Thanks Bo! Yeah, I tried the Demon Drive DD in the late 2000's when they first hit...
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    New Pedal at Sweetwater

    Yeah, I remember this company now. I remember the predecessor models from 2012 or so. I just watched the Sweetwater review by the now- legendary , Nick DiVirgilio. Well built, and priced pedal. . The only thing that would be an adjustment for me, no pun intended, would be a board that is so...