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    That's Not What I've Been Told! Drum Sound Physics

    I could be wrong but, the more (or less) material that the head comes in contact with, the vibrations are altered in some fashion, no? My main point is, a sound ultimately will be acceptable to one's ears, regardless of construction. Enjoy the sound journey.
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    That's Not What I've Been Told! Drum Sound Physics

    Bearing edges, snare beds, room acoustics, recording equipment/techniques, how much adhesive and temperature used to make the shell. Different rims and mounting systems. No right or wrong, it's just how our brain perceives sounds.
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    That's Not What I've Been Told! Drum Sound Physics

    Bottom like a sound and I don't. I have thin-shelled Pearl's that I love, and, like you said, a 7.5mm Pearl snare that's a one trick pony. Give me a thin to medium- shelled drum with a wide tuning range any day. There are too many variables that come into play that we tend to forget...
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    Whatcha Reading Right Now?

    "Moon the Loon" by Dougal Butler. Rather entertaining.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to this wonderful community!

    Holiday blessings to you, and everyone on this wonderful forum!
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    Felt sound control on bass drums . . .

    I've mounted my felt strip with mylar tape like this forever. In more recent years, I have only used the tape just on the top, and bottom, leaving the middle part of the strip to "float" with the movement of the head.
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    Whatcha Reading Right Now?

    "Play On" by Mick Fleetwood. Quite an interesting life's story.
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    Irish Spring bar soap... Ruined

    Agreed. Check out this long time Veteran-owned favorite of mine. Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served, BTW!
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    The Philly Sound - R.I.P. Joe Tarsia (Sigma Sound)

    Thanks for posting. Another Philadelphia music great is gone. A lot of great music came out of there. RIP.
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    Irish Spring bar soap... Ruined

    I remember as a kid soap companies like P&G and Unilever would mail sample size products to certain geographic areas to promote their latest offerings. I remember in the Summer of 1979 when I reached into the mailbox and pulled out a bar of Coast Deodorant Soap. I then proceeded to use it to...
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    Will a used 6 piece Pearl World Series sound good?

    I still have my 1987 WLX set, and they sound great and stay in tune. Depends what you're looking for in terms of sound. Sound is everything.
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    Sabian - Where's the HH series going?

    The market is simply oversaturated. How many different lines of cymbals and drums do we need? Most Classics of the modern music era were created with far fewer choices in tools to select from. I wish the manufacturers would go back to basics, and build quality bread and butter products (at...
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    Drum tutors: what names do you use for all your floor tom toms?!

    I have four tom toms on my set. Their names are, highest to lowest: (get ready now) John, Paul George, and Ringo. The last two slug it out in the low register. 😉
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    Billy Cobham coming to town.

    Thanks for sharing this. I could have gone to see him, as I could practically walk to this venue, but was out of town.
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    Pa. Vintage Drum Show

    Last time I went was 2000. Never seemed to find the time to get back there. LOL.