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    Refinishing Acrolites with Alcohol Ink?

    Awesome! I absolutely dig your first attempt!
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    Help With a Drum Room Problem?

    I'm sorry that I haven't been much help for you, good luck with any further efforts!
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    If you had a Drum Shop Credit?

    I'm so damn happy with what I've got now - I'd just replace the toms REMO Empereor coated with some nice Evans heads and would hand the rest of the money to a lower secondary school or a juvie.
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    Help With a Drum Room Problem?

    Maybe I've been a bit offhanded in my last post, if so, I'm sorry for it. There's a couple of physical realities you're facing when dealing with sound in this way. A drummer forum is highly likely a place where this topic pops up on a regular base so I'm feeling like putting together a...
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    Choosing mini PC to use Cubase.....Advice Needed

    General thoughts: it's not so much about RAM, 8GB is enough if you don't plan to use loads of virtual instruments and samplers. It's more about CPU power to reduce latency and to handle some DSP (effects, but virtual instruments, too) and an SSD hard drive to not get any buffer overruns while...
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    Help With a Drum Room Problem?

    Nothing is stopping the floor from transfering the vibrations from the inside directly into the external walls. The inner walls don't have that much effect because there's not enough transition of vibrations between air-borne and body-borne and nothing generating any friction for the moving air...
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    Help With a Drum Room Problem?

    Sounds highly suspicious. A couple of questions: Is there any kind of mineral rock wool between inner and outer walls? Do the inner and outer walls have any kind of contact - even through the floor? Does the floor inside have any contact with the outer walls?
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    What's your most important gear that is NOT drum set related.

    My Tama RW200 Rhythm Watch to not speed things up because of adrenaline. No sound, just keeping an eye on the blinking LED so I'm able to count in on point and keep the tempo in sync with the band, not with the metronome - but can still see if we're going to fast/slow later in the song.
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    Recording - less mic's for better results?

    I would try to avoid LDC as overheads in case of low budget and/or untreated room because the frequency response in most cases might become weird from different angles than 0°. This means that the room response or even instruments coming in from other angles than 0° might sound ugly. SDC...
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    The BLACK thread

    My last kit (I still own) was a 12-16-20 Tama Superstar in White Satin Haze. On stage it always looked like I wanna bring my own light show. But now I really prefer the slick understatement a silky matte black finish (letting through a tiny bit of the grain) combined with pure chrome hardware...
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    Bring back Big Sizes!

    Maybe I should mention that the image was created in The GIMP.
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    Bring back Big Sizes!

    What. A. Finish!!
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    Bring back Big Sizes!

    At least Thomann has lots of bigger sized moderately priced sets in stock: And also some premium constellations...
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    Need a little Paiste cymbal pricing help

    In Germany the Heavy HiHats are €340 new. I bought a used pair last year in medium condition for €175 after some negotiations. No dents, cracks, key holes whatsoever, but with quite some oxidation (sorry, no better pic): It was easily wiped away with some Barkeepers Friend. If you'd get the...
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    Show Off Your DW Kit

    😄 It's a 24" but yeah since it sits on a riser it appears a bit larger. And the camera lens is adding to this impression. Thanks dude! My rack hosts: Alesis DM5 (I'll add two of those guys to my set soon) Yamaha TG500 Roland JV1080 with a lot of expansion cards (yeah, I'm a child of the...