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    Where to buy Roland TD-50k?

    If you contact Erik at, he'll give a discount on the listed price. He has the best prices in the States.
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    Jobecky trigger height question

    Trigger cone height should be about 1/16" or 2-3mm above the plane or edge. Also, be sure your head is tightened firmly. Hotspots can sometimes be suppressed by tightening the head. I'm not aware of any TD-30 settings to eliminate hotspots. I forgot to ask, is this a center mounted or side...
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    Small space practice kit.

    I made a mini kit out of a Roland SPD-30. It looks very similar to this kit in the YT vid. Another example:
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    Standard mesh heads on Roland TD-1DMK series.

    I just tried on m PDX-8 and the plastic rim IS attached to the the mesh.
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    New Yammy

    Tell this guy a multi-pad wasn't meant to be used as a mini-kit...(y) I have a similar setup for small gigs, however, the only difference is I use a Roland CY-5 (and FD-9) for my hit-hat.
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    New here to forums and I have an amp question

    Fair enough :) That's a great deal in the UK and I would jump on a deal like that over a drum amp.
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    New here to forums and I have an amp question

    Are you telling me you can get a pair of 12" mains with a powered mixer and stands for $66 (£50) us dollars? Show me...
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    How to record myself electronic drum

    I picked up a used Zoom Q3HD from ebay for a decent price. I go straight out of my Mimic and into the Zoom and record video and sound in one shot. It sounds and looks great. All my YT vids are recorded this way.
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    Amp for Alexis Surge kit.

    On my quest to find the best drum amp, I now own several; simmons da25 25w, ddrum dda50 50w, ddrum dda200 200w, simmons 2012b 2000w max. I also have a full blown PA with 15" mains, 18" subs, 12" monitor wedges and so forth. But to me, it's overkill for just practicing/playing on my own. The PA...