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    Snare side hoop deformation - yea or nay?

    I wouldn't worry one bit about whether the hoop flexes or not. There are too many variables to state one way is best, as you well know. And there are tons of drummers out there who tune such that the snare side hoop is flexed, therefore it can't possibly be a problem. To me, it's like saying...
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    The Wrong Song for the Situation

    Attempting to steer the thread back on course, after having contributed to the derailment - How about "Every Breath You Take" at weddings? I've heard Sting mention it bothers him that people don't realize it's a stalker song, not a love song.
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    The Wrong Song for the Situation

    That's amazing that they'd jail you that long for $4000 in fines. Uncle Larry's post is totally apropos!
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    Pics of the new kit

    Very classy and classic looking!
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    The Wrong Song for the Situation

    At the risk of being nosy, @MrInsanePolack , what were the fines for and how much were they? 100 days seems a long damned time! Feel free to tell me "None o' yo' damned bidness," if so inclined. :)
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    The Wrong Song for the Situation

    In high school, the band I was in landed a gig at a church youth-social function of some sort. Our whole set list was basically AC/DC, Aerosmith, Van Halen, etc. We were doing okay, following the regular setlist, when the bass player started off the next song - Running With The Devil. Don't know...
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    Chasing sound - enjoyable or miserable?

    Maybe not, but I have had non-musicians come up and say they never realized drums could sound that good. I have heard this a few times. People are sometimes surprised drums don't have to be simply toneless thumps and high-pitched sizzle-y noises.
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    Chasing sound - enjoyable or miserable?

    I've always enjoyed tinkering with tuning, and I still do. Most days everything's just fine, but once in a while I'll have a day where everything sounds like crap , lol. I don't buy new gear. I just come back the next day, and it's usually better.
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    Anyone ever use your own mixer just for drums and then run a line to the snake/main sound board?

    I have done it, pre-iPad days. It can be a little complicated, as others have pointed out, but it can certainly work. I started doing it mostly because our bands mixer didn't have enough inputs. There were things I really liked about it, though. I used gates on the close mics, because I loved...
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    Mapex Mars Pro Series

    I've played one, and they sounded quite good for what they are. I think $350 is a great price for that kit!
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    New Snare! 3mm Bell Brass!!

    I just listened to the IG video, and that thing sounds killer. Very nice.
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    Sometimes I play traditional grip and sometimes I play match grip.

    I think it's Uncle Larry who plays traditional grip with both hands when using brushes. Kind of the opposite!
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    Sometimes I play traditional grip and sometimes I play match grip.

    I'm in the same camp. There are just some things that feel better in traditional, which is the way I learned. But I keep working at matched, too, because there are things that feel better that way, and ultimately I'd like to be able to play everything well in matched grip.
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    Not just you, but I don't know what has gone on.
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    New (to me) Ludwig Classic Maple

    I'm glad you finally got a set! I remember you talking about that trip to Forks. Yours are the same sizes as mine, except I don't have the second floor tom. My first kit was a Marine Pearl Rogers, so the finish had massive nostalgia points with me. I'm happy for you, man! I hope you get many...