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    Pinpointing your inspiration

    No, I can't pinpoint any certain songs or even bands. My mom worked at a record store, and I loved the music, but I had no musician role models at all. What did it for me was, one year for Christmas my grandparents bought a toy drum set for my sister and a toy guitar for me. I liked the drums...
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    Yeah, I don't always, but when I do, it's nice to be able to swivel the legs as you fold them, rather than having to unscrew yet another thing with the drum key.
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    I don't necessarily consider that a negative. It makes it easier to nestle the footboard between two legs when the stand is folded, and this is especially noticeable if you use the legs in an extremely offset position. I have one of each type of stand - one that locks, and one that doesn't -...
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    The stand is the same. One ships from Amazon Global Store, and the other ships from regular old Amazon. Now, what difference that makes, I don't know. I didn't look into it that deeply. The stands are the same, though.
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    Strange hearing issues

    Interesting, Brian. With my hearing loss, the clarity is definitely affected. When I was having extensive hearing tests done, the audiologist showed me how the different signals my brain is getting from my two ears actually confuses it, kind of muddying the sound. It was pretty fascinating, if a...
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    Have You Seen This Tom Tuning Vid?

    Yes, I've seen it. I don't really love that tom sound, but it works well enough
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    Strange hearing issues

    I'm mostly going to throw this out there as a curiosity, and I'm interested to see if anyone else with tinnitus experiences this. First off, as mentioned, I have tinnitus a bit in both ears. I'm of that age, where all my younger years drumming were spent without hearing protection. Also...
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    I saw my first black bear today

    That's awesome! Good luck was on your side. :D I remember one in Post Falls Idaho, walking along the sidewalk at the outlet mall. That one made the newspaper. They are more skittish in the wild, for sure. I've only seen a few in the PNW woods, but they're here.
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    Where are you technically supposed to sit on your throne?

    This made me laugh! I actually *DO* play trade grip in a BarcaLounger sometimes - on my practice pad, lol. As for the throne question, I think it's too individual to make a rule. Physiology, throne type, playing style, technique - all of those elements have a very complex interplay and...
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    Stolen Drums

    I'd adopt the cymbals, but I might abandon those CB700s a second time, lol.
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    Best Bass Drum Pillow/Muffling Pad

    That should function similarly to Simon Phillips' method of rolling a towel and taping it to the head at the edge, which sounds phenomenal, BTW. I've not tried this Remo product, but I think it shows promise. (The Simon Phillips method simply used tape, which could be messy to remove if you...
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    Best Bass Drum Pillow/Muffling Pad

    Two things - first, I know the Evans EQ isn't the top of your list, but be aware it does not work without the Velcro. It is too light and too short to stay in place without the Velcro. Second, my own experience has been that the Velcro peels off just fine without leaving any residue, should you...
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    Sunday afternoon meditations

    Thanks Art! The tone from the mesh heads seems totally dependant on the reso head tuning. I'm pleased with this sound for what I'm doing now, and they are still really quiet. You can converse normally over the drums. 😊
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    Sunday afternoon meditations

    Just a little meditation featuring melodic rhythms on the toms. Soothing to my soul on a hot Sunday afternoon.
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    Gretsch WMP with green tint

    Gotcha. Well, good luck - I hope you find something close!