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    Some Yamaha Tour Custom Love

    Yamaha TC's were great drums! I scored a bop kit a few years back in the proper bop sizes, 14x18, 8x12, 14x14, white lacquer finish. this one was I wish I never sold
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    Trying to decide which kit to sell

    You didn’t tell us what kit you are looking to buy. This would impact the decision on what kit to sell. Otherwise, the DW would be the one to sell with it’s decent resale value.
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    Weight Savings Replacing 302 Hoops on Gretsch Renown?

    If you want a quality light weight kit, consider Inde Drum Labs. Josh’s design concepts are well thought out, sound great, and are super light.
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    My new Gretsch drums

    Stunning kit, well worth the wait, enjoy!
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    Buying an Electronic Kit

    Hey Gang, I have been playing acoustic kit for many years and now have a need for an electronic kit. The purpose of the electronic kit is mainly to play quiet at a summer cottage I own. Currently, I have a Roland TD-6 on loan from a fellow band member I’m having fun with but of course it...