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    Vinnie Paul passed

    Pantera FB just announced that Vinnie Paul passed away!!! Oh my gosh! This sucks.
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    DW Machined Direct Drive Bass Drum Pedal

    It is a bit since their debut so walking out with a new MDD from GC on clearance for $350...yep. Happy guy here. My re-learning curve going from longboards to a shortboard seems to be the biggest hurdle. I’m not used to the quicker acceleration and overall (feel) weight of the beater where the...
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    Axis A-L2CB

    Sold. Admin. Pls delete.
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    The sound you like most...

    - your kit in your IEMs (or whatever sound support you use - monitor, nothing) - your kit while someone else is playing it and you're standing on the 'outside' - your kit through the board (compressors, big bottom, processed & tweaked at a venue or in the studio) My example. I get the chance...
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    Why custom drums are sometimes hard to sell...

    This is a lot like cars and other stuff We buy things that are acceptable or customized to what we want. Tough to sell unless someone has the same desire and taste as you.
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    What's in the Bag? I play at a couple locations for church. Same name, different locations. Both locations have house kits. The 3/4 drummers that are in rotation all bring a personal snare, various cymbals, sticks/bag, and bass drum pedal (at least I do). It's basically all I can carry in...
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    metronomes & storing tempos

    Just a thought. Do you own an iPhone (or android I’m assuming works too). I’ve programmed this metronome app for tons of songs. Has a stage mode too
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    Drum Rack

    Had a 5 piece on a three-sided PDP/Gibraltar rack with 8 cymbals and no-leg hi-hat stand fitted in. Loved the smaller footprint. Loved the ability to add lots of accessories and when the venues had enough space to pre-setup, all it took was a couple people to pick the whole thing up onto a...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    5x14” 2nd gen Pearl, Maple shelled FFS. Rebuilt the basket and needed the original strainer put back on. Can’t believe i waited so long to get one.
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    Free Floating Snare thoughts

    Ok so i went after it tonight. Photo montage ensues. Had 4 lugs that were replaced at some point that are longer than stock but not enough to worry about. Wiped everything down and cleaned up where i could. A good bit of pitting and a couple scuffs here and there. Nothing to be too bent up...
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    Free Floating Snare thoughts

    So I’m in the middle of the stripping and cleaning process (pics to come) and I have a question. There is a mil-thick, white, pad (felt?) that sits on the basket edge that seats the shell. There is one edge that’s ‘pushed’ so a portion of the shell sits directly on the frame of the basket. The...
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    Free Floating Snare thoughts

    Should have it in hand tonight. Looks like the reso is fully stretched and the strainer looks like its supposed to be the extended one but this one was replaced with one that isn't. Gen 2? A couple pic from the sale.
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    Free Floating Snare thoughts

    Long time since my last post. Busy times...good to be back with something to ask about. So, I just bought a Pearl 5x14 FF (with maple insert). It's not even in my hands yet and I have a question about tuning a FF. I'm used to having my reso more tensioned than the batter and just adjusting...
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    Man, it's been a while....

    Hey DW - been a long time since I've strolled through here. Had to reset my old passwords and everything. Anything new or exciting around the DWF? Andy
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    Snare stands w/ 16" basket

    Well, it's been a very long time since I've posted here....very. I recently purchased a new snare that has walnut wood hoops that are 16" OD. The only stands that look like they'll accept a 16" diameter rim is the DW 9000 (9300?) and the Pearl S1030. Most research gens a bit of fluff about...