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    Has Ludwig permanently discontinued bronze snare drums?

    I have a bronze LB552, and it really is a great snare. Lately, I prefer it over my LM402 Supra and LB417 Black Beauty. It just has so much body, response, and character.
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    NDD: Ginger Baker I am not...

    Very nice ! But was Ginger Baker actually any good ? He always seemed so stoned and lackadaisical. Asking for a friend ...
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    Gretsch Renown

    I would buy them, if you need or want another kit. Every Renown kit I have played sounded really good.
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    Paiste cymbal lines compared at DCP

    Y'all's videos have improved in quality by leaps and bounds in recent years, which I imagine you've played a big part in. Every video is a must-watch. Your drumming is really good too, man. My kind of drummer.
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    Pearl vs. DW Drums Which do you prefer?

    It almost looks like those round DW lugs belong on Sonor Drums, because the DW drums, with the round lug, look like the Sonor logo. No ?
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    Pearl vs. DW Drums Which do you prefer?

    No I have not seen them. I only know those round ones.
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    Ludwig “bonham” classic maple set up

    Do it only if you feel those drums, sizes, and finish are right for YOU.
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    If you can only have one Snare drum….

    PS : Sorry if this has been posted here many times before. It entertains me, every time.
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    Ludwig classic maple with remo blackdots

    A mic'd up recording will never replicate what it sounds and feels like behind the kit, while playing. His drumming is, indeed, spectacular, even though he always looks like he is having absolutely zero fun. Definitely not a rocker, lol.
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    If you can only have one Snare drum….

    Ludwig LM402 Supraphonic. Boring answer, I know, however, if I can only have one, I have to go with the drum I have been playing for 33 years, that I can always rely on to give me what I need.
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    Pdp 805's do i need them

    Yep. Musically, I am definitely a product of the 80s/90s. Even my first kit, the entry-level Premier Royale / APKs, from 1986, could easily rival much more expensive drums made today. Super deep toms !
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    Pdp 805's do i need them

    They are called Premier "Projectors", which were their high-end Finnish birch shells, in a finish called "Sapphire Blue". I purchased them new in 1992, and have been playing them for 29 years ! It came with the best wood snare drum I have ever played,
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    Paiste 2002 Big Beats?

    I have a 20" Big Beat. Great cymbal. Use it as a crash or ride. Good bell. More washy than pingy, but still with stick enough definition. Way darker sounding than a regular 2002, IMO. A keeper, for me.
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    Pdp 805's do i need them

    I don't own Genista's. Feel free to ignore me !!
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    Two floor tom set ups. 14/16 or 16/18?

    14/16 is more musical, I think. Drums are getting a little too big for my tastes. The 18" would never make it out of the house. Just my opinion.