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    Does the New Ludwig p88 Throw Work With Vintage 1960s era Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drums?

    I installed the P88 throw-off on my 2011 Black Beauty instead, and did not use the P88 throw-off. I could have installed the P88 on my 1988 Supra, but I would've had to make the holes larger, which I was not willing to do. The old P85 on that drum actually works fine.
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    Does the New Ludwig p88 Throw Work With Vintage 1960s era Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drums?

    I have a 1988 Supra and the screw holes are too small for the P88 screws. I do like the throwoff.
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    Finally Finished: Vintage Premier '54 with mods

    Sweet ! Would love to hear them. I think Premier made some truly fantastic drums, at all levels, in the 80s and 90s, but have never heard vintage Premier drums.
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    WTB Yamaha Stage Custom Toms

    I used to own a Stage Custom set. The 12" tom was not a very good drum for me, but the 10" and 14" toms were excellent drums. Also, that sapphire blue is a wonderful finish that should be made in perpetuity, IMO. Good luck !
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    Need help to ID old Premier Drum set

    I was in a store I shall not name the other day, where the drum floor was a really shabby scene. By far, the best sounding drums in the store were the deep rack toms on a set of old, off-white Premier APKs. One head had a clear Remo PS4, and the other one had a coated PS4. They were truly...
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    World's first seamless spun aluminum drum sets

    I love these. They don't seem to have pricing on their site.
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    Ludwig Classic Oak Drumset Demo

    Sound is killer.
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    Metal or Wood?

    Usually metal snares (aluminum, brass, and bronze), but I have a really good birch snare that I also use.
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    Sonor Snare Porn

    I feel much better now.
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    What looks better?

    The one on the left.
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    Ludwig 1970s 3 ply WMP

    Drum Acquisition Syndrome.
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    Your honest critique...

    I have been contemplating getting a new Ludwig Classic Maple drum set for decades, it seems. It's great that they offer the legacy kits in all those cool vintage wraps, but it would sure help me pull the trigger if they would offer a better variety of stain finishes. That's all I got ...
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    Ludwig discontinues Bronze Supraphonics?

    I'd say, if tuned to your liking, they most surely will. I used it on some of the heavier tunes on my last record, and it really hit the spot for me.
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    Ludwig 1970s 3 ply WMP

    Sweet ! This is giving me DAS !!
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    Ludwig discontinues Bronze Supraphonics?

    I have one (LB552) with no rubber gaskets beneath the lugs, and it is a great drum. It has developed a patina beneath the top hoop, but I don't really care. Too bad they are discontinuing it, but life goes on. It will probably come back at a later date, I imagine.