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    Kick Drum Mic for a 4" port hole

    Thanks for the recommendation on the D112, but I think I want to try something else. This Audix 6 looks like a good candidate.
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    Kick Drum Mic for a 4" port hole

    Hi all. I am in the process of recording, and I want to purchase a new bass drum mic, that fits inside a 4" port hole, and is flexible with placement. I need it soon, so I want to make a decision. I have an old AKG D112 that does not easily fit through the port hole, and is awkward to...
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    Steely Dan - Katy Lied covers

    Not bad for being completely hung over : (links deleted)
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    Bass hoop mount for cowbell / woodblock

    Hey y'all, does anyone know of a mount / clamp for holding a cowbell or woodblock, that attaches to the bass drum hoop, without marring or damaging the bass drum hoop ?
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    Looking for double tom stand with 10.5 mm tom posts and boom cymbal arm

    I am looking for something like this, except this one has 12.7 mm posts for the toms : This would be for vintage Premier drums (Signia), which, I believe, fit the 10.5 mm tom posts. Any help...
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    Paiste 2002 24" Ride

    Sorry to perpetuate GAS, but that's what got me here. Picked this up on Black Friday for a good price ... hand picked. Jeez this cymbal is like drug addiction. With each level of escalation, anything less than 24" appears to be subpar or unexciting. I can't keep it off the stand. I play it...
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    Paiste 2002 Big Beat

    Have not seen any mention of these here. They appear to be a new line. I went cymbal shopping this weekend, and saw a set of these on a kit. I sat down and started laying into this 20" that was positioned as a ride. It has a light ride feel, with a pretty good bell, and an addictive...
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    Fielding opinions / recommendations for new "last kit"

    Hello Everyone, I was hesitant about starting a thread like this, as I could see myself getting confused, but I am in the market for a new “last kit”, and I am interested in hearing peoples’ opinions. I am turning 50 next year, and would like to, again, experience that...
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    Recorded Drum Replacement

    Hi All, I hope I can find some good help here. I am deep into recording drum tracks for my forthcoming CD. After mixing / bouncing drum tracks for the first 6 songs I laid down, I concluded that I had a rather unfortunate placement of the bass drum mic ... too close to the beater and too...
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    Scored a Bronze Supra LB552

    This showed up on eBay last week and I snatched it up. Just got it today. Look, the P85 strainer has drum key screws. Pretty cool, right ? Also, the P33 butt plate has a gasket, but the lugs don't. I wonder if they were on there originally. Curiously, it had an original Weather Master...
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    Equivalent of Vic Firth Steve Gadd sticks

    I absolutely love the Vic Firth Steve Gadd sticks. They are, to me, the perfect drum sticks. Not too heavy, not too light, my kind of shape ... just right. Problem is the black gets all over your drum heads and your cymbals too. Is there an equivalent stick out there that isn't painted ? I...
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    Mapex Falcon question

    Hi everyone. The very cool drum guy at my local shop gave me a Mapex Falcon single pedal to take home and try, giving me the option to buy it. One thing that bothers me is the beater does not line up with the clamp that fastens the pedal onto the hoop. As a result, the beater does not strike...
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    Death Rattle ? Plies splitting at edge

    Hey everyone, I have this excellent 14x14 floor tom from the 90s, that has been making a rattling noise when I strike the batter head off center, for instance, when I am tuning it. Inspecting the drum closely, I determined that all the hardware is solid. I removed the top head, and, striking...
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    Ludwig Vistalites : Looking for opinions of experienced owners

    Hey everyone, I am close to ordering a set of blue Ludwig Vistalites in the big beat shell pack, which is 22x16 kick, 14x5 snare, 12x8 and 13x9 rack toms, and 16x16 floor tom. These would be used primarily for live shows with a hard-edged original alternative band i play with. I currently...
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    Rant against modern hi-hat stands

    Oh, those horrid two-legged stands that flop all over the place, and then this ... last night I participated in a battle of the bands, for a spot at a fairly prestigious music festival. I had to use back-line gear, and we only had 15 minutes to show what we could do. The hi-hat stand had this...