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    Ear 'popping' and tinnitus

    bit of a weird post this, but over the last few years I've started suffering short random attacks of tinnitus, which *so far* I've always been able to stop by 'popping' my ears. scuba divers learn how to 'pop' their ears using various techniques, so maybe this is of use to someone else...
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    Thoughts on the new era of band promotion

    Let me see if this scenario sounds familiar: - Hi I run a manufacturers and want to sell you a sparkly instrument/software in this year’s colours. - Hi I run a music store and I want to sell your band some of that gear. You’ll have to pay me in full of course. - Hi I’m...
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    Choose between playing toms or cymbals

    Let me start with two observations: 1) I watched a recording of me playing with a recent band and noticed most of the (un-mic'd) fast cymbal and hi hat work I was putting so much effort into, was largely unheard by the audience. 2) a number of gigs by pro bands where by accident or design you...
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    Kick drum sound on Pixies' Doolittle

    This may not be the right forum, but has anyone any idea how to get this sound, sooo deep without being flabby? I know Gil Norton used an AKG D12, and David Lovering had an Artstar II, but I've never come close to this sound with my D112! Any tips? Thanks.
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    Would you start again?

    I feel like my cymbals are out of balance, and I don't know whether to make a few changes or sell the lot and start again. Most of my cymbals were collected in the 80's and actually sound pretty good by themselves, but together I wonder if they're too overpowering for the rock and covers I play...
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    Drum clinic diary?

    Apologies if this is already covered somewhere (in which case any pointers greatfully received!), but with so many clinics running I wish there was a central diary where you could easily see who was playing when and where (eg local drum shop, or big drum shows etc), rather than individually...
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    Why do cymbal makers always promote how loud their ranges are?

    Hi All, apologies if this has been addressed before, but why do cymbal makers always promote their ranges as 'easily cutting through in live situations'? Now I've found most times in small gigs up to say 100 or so people, the band and especially vocals are struggling to be heard over the...