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    Sore knees from Heel up?

    Long story short, I have had pretty sore knees for a while. Been to docs god knows how many times and they say it's just growing pains... (18 yrs old). Every time I go on I'm OK but when I come off I'm usually sore. I play fast metal. I'm not straining or anything, I'm relaxed. I play Axis A's...
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    Axis VDL adjusting?

    Hello. I have had my axis a longboard for some time now and I can't adjust the vdl for some reason. I have tried loosening it but it just feels stuck. I have my VDL nearly at the top like it was to start off with. I'm just curious as to what it would feel like if I had it in the middle or so...
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    Drum hobby without drumming?

    I found a new job and I don't really have time to play drums. Usually whenever I come back from a hard days work, I'm tired and achy from being on my feet all day and i don't want to play drums with sore legs. I'm able to play drums from 10am - 7pm. The thing is I'm usually at work then. When...
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    Recommended Direct Drive Pedal?

    I ordered an Axis A longboard a few days ago but the website emailed me saying they weren’t selling single pedal Axis anymore. (I live in the UK so it’s a bitch and a half to get axis). I could go with ebay but there is something about ebay I don’t like. So annoyingly Axis are out of the...
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    Knee Pain?

    Knee pain threads have been started 1000 times but I don't know if it goes to what im having... Today I have been experiencing some pain in my knee area. I don’t know if I have pulled a muscle or strained or something, anyway is this common every now and then? It feels like a booming sort of...
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    Preventing injury... Wrist Brace?

    To prevent injury in wrists or fingers when playing/practicing blasts, would it be useful to wear a wrist brace for 1 hour or so AFTER playing so that my wrists can relax more? I heard people complaining that they suffered from cts because of the way they were playing blasts or something. I...
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    Define me a good-fantastic drummer

    Not massively important but I’m just curious to what other people think. What should a drummer be able to do for you to call him/her a good/very good/fantastic (or outstanding) drummer in rock/metal? A good rock drummer should be able to have good rhythm, a steady beat and most importantly be...
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    Pain knee after Ankle Motion???

    Hello. I have kinda got the hang of ankle motion, finally, BUT... When ever I get into the motion I kinda tighten my legs so that only my ankles can be moving but my knees tend to hurt a little after about 3, 4 seconds. I try to relax as much as possible but then i have no control. Is this...
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    Buying kits directly from Pearl, Tama, Mapex etc?

    Is there a way I can buy custom drum kits directly from pearl or tama or who ever? Do you have to have an endorsmeant with the company or something? I know a website (thoman) but they usually dont seem to have spare drums in stock that im after Thanks
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    I guess it's Pearl Vision VBX vs VBL

    Pretty short Question… What do you guys think of these for metal drumming? Basically, Is it Strong, durable and reliable. I had my eye on these 2. I’m not in a band or...
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    Cheap Axis Pedals??????? O_O Is it just me or are these axis pedals cheaper than usual? I usually see these for about £500-£600?!
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    Confusion with mics

    I'd just like to start off by saying sorry for starting 100 threads every day on here. I know I'm probably getting on peoples nerves but I just to know some things. I had some problems with my mics not working but I'm waiting for the post to come with the extra things to get it to work. Just a...
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    I can't get my Bass Drum Mic to work

    I just bought a Bass drum mic and I have connected it up with an Amp and I just can't get ANY sound out of it through my bass drum. The guy at the store said it would work If I set it up to a mic. I can tap it and get a sound but through my bass drum... Nope
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    Bass drum mic through heaphones

    I want to mic my bass drum because I can’t hear it well when using my china, Crash/Ride or hihats. When I put the mics in place and I have set up the Mixers and stuff. Can I plug headphones into the mixer or the speakers? This may sound odd but my bass drum can’t be any louder than it is at the...
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    Tama Double Bass

    Do you guys think this is a good deal? I'm not wanting to spend ££££'s on a kit. I heard the Imperialstar is a good kit in general. As in durable, strong, reliable etc Thanks :)