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    Music Schools UK

    Hey guys, I've been taking private drums lessons, mostly via Skype for the last 6 years and I've now decided to move to London to undertake a degree programme. I've been offered a spot at three different schools: A Bachelor course at ACM A Masters course at ICMP (The Institute) A Master course...
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    Drum Teachers/Schools in Switzerland

    Hi, I'm soon going to be moving to Switzerland (Lugano, but willing to travel) and was wondering if you guys know of any good drum teachers or reputable schools there. Would appreciate some direction and help! Thanks!
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    Need some advice

    Hi all, I need to buy a small drum kit, very portable but still with a great, punchy sound. I'm undecided between the following kits: Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Gretsch Catalina Club Street Ludwig Breakbeats Tama Silverstar Metro Jam (with a matching Silverstar Snare) Which one would you...
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    Gretsch Catalina Maple or Catalina Club Jazz

    Hi, Between the Gretsch Catalina Maple and Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz... which would be the better quality drum kit?
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    Buying new kit... need suggestions for small/versatile kit

    Hi Guys, I currently want to buy a new drum kit and I saw the Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz ( to which I would like to add two additional toms: 8x7 and 10x7 and a 16x16 floor tom. I need a small kit which is versatile and of good quality. What do you think about this Gretsch kit?
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    Great drummers who should be more known

    I recetly got to listen to these two great drummers: Derico Watson and Morgan Agren. They are amazing drummers however when people are asked to draw their 10 favorite drummers list, they never seem to be mentioned. What do you think about these two drummers? and are there any other drummers...
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    Help with Drum Recording

    Hi, I would like to record drums at home but being new to this stuff I am not sure what gear I need. I currently have Pro tools and Mbox audio interface. To record drums, would it be correct to say that I need: a mixer, drum microphone set and cables? Also would a rack mixer be good for such...
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    Help needed with new kit

    I am interested in purchasing a Pearl Rhythm Traveler Gig drums. What do you think about it?
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    Drums Lessons

    If you had the chance with whom would you take drums lessons?
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    Two Great Underrated Drummers

    I recently dug deeper into the drumming of Morgan Agren and Dave Elitch and I think they're great but it seems that they are quite underrated as in they should be more famous. What do you think. Also who do you prefer from these two drummers?
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    Session Drummers

    I am currently looking into some session drummers. Could you name session drummers other than the top ones?
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    Private Lessons vs Music School

    I am currently considering to study music full time, however I am not sure if its best to take private lessons with various teachers or going to a music school. What do you think?
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    Some Help Needed

    Hi Guys, I need some help from anyone who knows about Vibraphones. I am interested in purchasing a mid-high level vibraphone but I am undecided between Musser and Yamaha. Which brand do you think is better? I would also appreciate any suggestions on models. Thanks!!
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    Drummer's Cars

    Which cars are perfect for a drummer?
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    The Importance of Musicians

    I was thinking about what importance musicians have in our lives. We seek for current musicians for entertainment, we study about past composers and we aspire to be the future musicians. I believe music gives a clear picture of the society at the time it was made. If we look at 70s music it...