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    Chasing recommendations for dark and dry hi hats

    I have a pair of 15" Istanbul mehmet Sahra series hats, check them out might work for what your looking for.
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    Old people being cheated by their children

    Getting rid of assets is a pretty normal thing for the elderly when going into a nursing home. I don't see why a hospice volunteer would even be interested in someone's finances. Elder abuse is horrible at the same time diminished mental capacity can keep someone from understanding what is...
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    Old man yells at cloud

    I really like the trashiness when partially open. If I don't like a cymbal I'm probably not gonna get out of it what it's capable of. I say that because I've heard cymbals I think I don't like and then hear a drummer that knows how to use it to get the most out of it then it's like damn that's...
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    Gretsch "customer service"

    That's what I did with the same kit in the pic.
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    A financial band situation, just wondering what others think about this…

    Sammy Hagar started a travel agency because he felt the band could save money on travel. The band saved money overall but Eddie got mad because Hagar was making more money. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.
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    A financial band situation, just wondering what others think about this…

    I'd look at it as a straight rental fee if he's providing sound. Is it really good stuff, is he bringing and setting up all of it? Is he booking gigs and charging the promoter extra for sound? A 20,000 dollar pa system should be pretty damn big.
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    A financial band situation, just wondering what others think about this…

    I guess if he's renting it out to the band that's fair but I wouldn't take a cut on shows that a rental wasn't needed.
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    Elvis Movie

    I thought it was entertaining but it didn't really give much insight into Elvis Presley as a person. I wouldn't go to see it expecting to learn anything about Elvis.
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    Cymbal Quazi-ness

    Just hitting the snare my buddy had some zildjian questlove sticks man they feel like rubber and the drum sounds kinda dead. I really like the vic firth Keith Carlock stick it just feels good to me but I used vater fusions before that it really makes a difference I think weight,balance,tip and...
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    Ten inch main snares

    I had a Tama 10x 5.5 Bill Bruford signature that I really regret selling it was a maple/birch shell. Had an amazing crack.
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    Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer, dead at age 50

    I didn't wanna go there but first thing I thought considering how vocal Grohl speaking as the band was about it. No one is gonna go there though.
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    Neighbor noise complaints

    I have an I ignore your shit you ignore my shit relationship with my direct neighbors and that keeps things friendly. Legally learned from cops as a kid they can't do anything until 10:00.
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    No matter how bad it gets…

    Imagine my disappointment when I recognized the music store and realized the entire world agrees my local music scene sucks balls. At the same time a decent cover wouldn't be nearly as memorable.
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    Perfection or imperfection?

    I think if your out there killing it a pitchy vocal or a slight rushed tempo doesn't matter. To me that's better than a sanitized technically perfect vocal karaoke performance.
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    No matter how bad it gets…

    That's your stomach shouting HOOGIE BOOGIE LAND, HOOGIE BOOGIE LAND, HOOGIE BOOGIE LAAAAAAND! I'd also recommend finding a toilet quick.