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    Evans '56 Calfskin/Toms

    UPDATE: Found this video, which utilizes a 5-ply maple tom, and which may make things easier.
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    Evans '56 Calfskin/Toms

    Good to know Ron. I had problems, as stated with an earlier '56 Calftone snare batter bubbling. Sent it back to Evans/D'Addario and they sent me a new one. It's been fine since. That said, I'll rotate it with another snare, which has had a G1, UV1 and now a Coated Ambassador. Will lilkely just...
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    My thoughts on Evans’ UV1 &2 (and why I’m sticking with Remo)

    I recently replaced a UV1 batter on my Tama Stewart Copeland signature snare after about six months or so of at least 3x/week practice during the current pandemic. Felt like it was wearing out, as I couldn't quite get the stick bounce I wanted, and in this instance, went back to a Coated...
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    Agreed re Vater. They use more moisture in their woods, which for me at least, living in a semi-arid region, makes a big difference. I use their Sugar Maples in Super Jazz, Fusion, and 5B models. That said, I am not a particularly hard-hitter, and can't remember the last time I've broken a stick.
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    Evans '56 Calfskin/Toms

    Thinking of replacing batter head on my Yamaha MCAN 12" tom with an Evans '56 Calfskin. As background re this kit, on my other toms (smaller rack and FT) I 've been using Remo Vintage Emperors, coated and clear respectively, and they're great. I've learned since purchasing this kit new in 2010...
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    Kick drum head opinions

    Have used the Evans EMAD, Aquarian Super Kick II and now a GMAD, on a 20"x 16 " Yamaha MCAN. I think the GMAD sounds best. Replaced my factory REMO reso recently with an Evans Eq3 reso, which I really like as well. Mics up very well. I use a Shure B 52 knockoff from Carvin, which I run thru a...
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    Correct. All technique. That said, I have over the past 6 years or so, played almost exclusively Vater Sugar Maples, in various models. I like their Super Jazz, Fusion and 5Bs. I live in a high, dry climate and Vater puts more moisture in their woods, which makes a big difference in durability...
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    What's a good brass snare drum you guys recommend?

    I picked up a Tama Stewart Copeland chrome over brass about two years ago. It was used, so got it for $325 (US). I think they're pushing $450 or more now for new ones. Has a thicker shell than say, a Ludwig Supraphonic, but I really like it's tone and versatility. Have used coated single ply...
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    Depends on the sound you're looking for. About 2 years ago, got a deal ($325/US) on a used 2009 Tama Stewart Copeland chrome over brass 5.5" x 14". It's beefy-the shell is thicker than a Ludwig Supraphonic, but it kicks ass. I've seen newer ones that are a bit higher in price. Definitely look...
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    20” kicks anyone?

    I really have only ever played 20" kicks, except for sitting in a few times in a studio, where there was a 22" x 18". Agreed, everything including rack toms and cymbals need to be raised with larger kicks, and I've just gotten used to the 20" height over the years. My first kit was a 1965 Ludwig...
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    Tama Stewart Copeland Maintenance

    Here's a pic, apres cleaning
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    Tama Stewart Copeland Maintenance

    Update: was able to clean up the Copeland signature, using Mother's Chrome Cleaner, which I bought at the auto parts store. Highly recommended, as it is a liquid, and not very abrasive. Didn't have to remove the lugs. Tried one, and there are two rubber gaskets, one on the lug, the other on the...
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    Tama Stewart Copeland Maintenance

    Picked up a used Tama Stewart Copeland COB snare about two years ago. Is in pretty good shape, though I was thinking of using some automotive (Meguiar's) chrome cleaner and polishing it up a bit. Doesn't look like there's any pitting. I'll take heads and rims off. ?-do I also need to remove the...
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    Are You a Tweeker or No?

    Not really. I sometimes adjust snare heights ever so slightly, after switching between my two (yes that's all I own) snares. One's a maple the other chrome over brass (Pearl Masters /Tama-Stewart Copeland Signature). I play a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau kit. That said, sometimes, I'll...
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    Lockdown made me clean my cymbals

    Last week I cleaned up several newer Paistes -20" 602 Classic Medium Ride and an 18" 2002 Thin Crash, plus my Zildjian Custom A 14" Mastersound hats with some Paiste Cymbal cleaner. Worked well. I have some older Zildjians that do not have the brilliant finish and was going to Groove Juice 'em...