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    Dave Grohl Icon Snare.

    I’m impressed by the finish and attention to detail. DW excels at this. I have the 45th anniversary snare and marvel at the inlay and finish. With that said, the Grohl Icon snare sounds like a regular DW Collector’s VLT snare available at half the price, because at its core that’s what it is.
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    Sold the Gurus

    I fell for it. Thought you lost your mind for a minute.
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    Hendrix snare experiences?

    You can’t go wrong with either wood species. I have a Hendrix ambrosia maple. Top notch components and first rate craftsmanship. They use a polyester finish which they claim is superior to lacquer. It’s awesome.
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    My SQ2 order...

    Congrats! Great to hear they survived the long journey. I’ve taken delivery of three SQ2 snares in the fairly recent past and was SO impressed by the packing. That form-fitting styrofoam that encases the drum is terrific. Looking forward to pics.
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    Thinking of going down to a 12/14/20

    Saying Bo has had a few kits is like saying Tiger Woods has won a few golf tournaments.
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    Tama Star Walnut

    The hoops on the Star Reserve hammered brass (and copper which I have) have a soft feel to them, and appear more prone to nicks and dings. Small price to pay assuming that they play a role in those drums’ tone. They sound SO good.
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    New Tama Starclassic Performer line, maple/birch

    Didn’t they keep the molten brown finish with the WB’s? If so, just order one of those 14” drums. Unless you’re looking at the inner shell, you won’t know the difference.
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    seamless 7x14 copper snare recommendations?

    Don’t get too hung up on a seamless shell. I own four copper drums, including the Q Gentleman’s series drum, which sounds great. My Tama Star Reserve is eye-watering, and I have its brass sibling. I have a Starphonic copper and one by Offbeat Drums. They’re all stellar drums, and very distinct...
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    Tama Star Walnut

    I picked up the 6.5 depth drum through DCP, which pairs really well with my Star walnut (indigo sen) kit. The matching wood snare (mine is 6.5” depth) is pretty extraordinary in its own right.
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    Smaller diameter tom deeper than the succeeding tom...

    The average punter in a crowd, or band mate, won’t care as long as it sounds good. Among my many kits is a Sonor ProLite, with 13, 16, and 18 toms. Big drums. Well, a Sonor dealer happened to have a new 7x10” tom in the same blue sparkle finish. I bought it, figuring it would give me some...
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    Can you hear a difference?

    Agree that the Hendrix demo is an ideal way to let the drums be heard than the usual demo full of chops that we’re inundated with. Any subtle differences between those kits likely have more to due with the uniqueness of the source trees and tuning than the wood species. These are ply drums but...
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    Noble and Cooley SS snare w no re rings

    Wow, that’s one of the thickest single ply shells I’ve seen. That explains the lack of reinforcement rings, but it must have been a challenge bending a piece of wood that thick without breaking it. Steambent shells are usually thin for a reason.
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    What’s in the Noble and Cooley box?!

    I believe that the early days of N&C go back to the 1800s lol. Bob isn’t that old! Hoping for a recovery to good health for him. You know a guy is a class act when everyone who has interacted with him sings his praises.
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    Sonor Prolite finishes....?

    With regard to Prolites, Sonor indeed had planned to pull the plug on Prolites. Stocks started to deplete, and some retailers like DCP offered deep discounts. I picked up one such kit that was ridiculously priced. Then, Sonor thought better of it, doing an about face. The ProLite line is now...
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    What kit would you like to try that you've never played before?

    Never tried an all-metal kit, though I’ve admired several by Q, Oriollo, and Schagerl. If I only had one to try though, it would be Alan Van Kleef’s cast bronze masterpiece.