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    New Tama Starclassic Performer line, maple/birch

    Cost had nothing to do with Tama’s decision to limit bubinga offerings to its Star line, at least not directly, as all business decisions are ultimately driven by $. When CITES declared bubinga at risk, Tama decided to use its remaining inventory only on Star drums. By removing bubinga as an...
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    Sonic properties of wood varieties (extention of a sidebar in the Ludwig Hepcat thread)

    Of course those drums sound different. The wood type is irrelevant; you’re comparing apples with oranges.There would be distinct differences even if both manufacturers used the same wood type. Why? Different hardware, different production processes, different sources for wood supply, etc...
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    New Tama Starclassic Performer line, maple/birch

    I fear that Tama will be cheapening the “Starclassic” branding to some degree by skimping on the hardware. Pearl did something similar with the venerable “Master’s” line. I do understand the need to compete with the others in the industry though at this price point. They’ll sell a lot more of...
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    New Tama Starclassic Performer line, maple/birch

    I adore the brass, and am thrilled that the tone is distinct from its copper sibling. Gives me a variety of tones. The main brass release comes in a 5.5 inch (or 5) depth, which didn’t interest me. Drumcenter of Portsmouth ended up convincing Tama to make 30 drums in 6.5” depth, so I pulled the...
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    what snare is this?

    Oh, and assuming that Sood played the same snare for the entire show, there is an entire DVD of this show. I have one. Perhaps examining the other tracks might produce a better view?
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    what snare is this?

    Hard to say. Sarah’s ex (drummer and husband) was a DW endorser. Those lugs clearly aren’t the turret variety we’d associate with DW. Short of asking Aswin Sood directly, we will never know for certain. Of course front of house sound can alter a drum’s tone to virtually anything the sound guy...
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    New Tama Starclassic Performer line, maple/birch

    Oh, and let’s not forget about the new Star Reserve hammered aluminum. I just picked up the Star Reserve hammered brass (6.5 deep DCP version) to join the copper sibling I own. Tama is hitting some home runs for 2021!
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    Something different - Christmas message

    Thanks for sharing Andy and happy Christmas to you and the DW family.
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    Interesting Video

    Thanks for posting. Love his outlook and his playing. He’s perfect for that Pink gig.
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    The drum ... or the drummer

    The article hit the nail, er, stick on the head.
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    Want a snare drum? Have some extra money to spend?

    Most famous drum in the world? Really?
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    One of our own

    Sounds like you’ve been to hell and back. So glad to learn that you’ve come through this and the worst is hopefully behind you!
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    One Off Joyful Noise Snare

    Wow, that’s some drum! Curt is a class act. Just had the pleasure of buying another one of his masterpieces this week.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    When one Christmas present to yourself just isn’t good enough! Both of these arrived today.
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    Drum Badge Tier List!

    I presume that the Saturn badge posting is a joke. Glad to see the British Drum Co badge getting some respect. Wonderful design. The Sonor SQ2 mallets exude class. Should be on the top tier.