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    Can you hear a difference?

    The N&C walnut has a lot more bottom than the N&C maple.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Those are awesome snares. I have several. Best I've ever played!
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    What's your latest purchase?

    What mic were you using before?
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    Muddy recordings, is it the mikes?

    Think of EQ as tone controls on your cars stereo, If you take away the treble and mids with the bass cranked up you get mud. You just have to play around with it.
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    Live drum cam

    Such a great band!! You sounded really good!
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    My drum key

    I have one of those old cranks. It is helpful. Here's the next generation.
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    New mics.

    A bassist had one of those amps so I bet your DIY worked outgreat. I play a 22 now but my next set will be a 24. Played a 26 in my younger days so I'm over that.
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    New mics.

    I'm using A&F snares these days and the DM20s clip won't work on them. I'll put one on one of my other drums when I get bored of the A&Fs. Might be a while. LOL
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    New mics.

    I've only had the moon mic a couple of days but it sounds great, I lke it better than the Yamaha sub kick. Also a good mic, but bulky, heavy and friggin ugly. I'm still movig it around on the head. I'm running PS3s front and back but changing to an ambassador on front for more resonance, I'm...
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    New mics.

    Always wanting to upgrade, Sold a bunch of stuff on Reverb so had some extra $$. Earthworks sr25s for overheads. earthworks DM20s for toms. Earthworks SR20ms iside kick, DW Moon Mic outside kick. Suew SM7b with cloud lifter for snare. SM 57 under snare and two addional SM57s for side snares or...
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    Tim Bogert

    I met him back in the day, Cool guy.
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    Am I the only one?

    I record every note I play. Then you can hear what woeked and what didn't. Helps a lot!
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I have this mic thing going on. LOL
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    Aquarian Tone-Tabs

    I have used them. They can be hard to remove, I think moon gel or drum dots are a better option. YMMV
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    My Band's Just Released Video

    Good ole rock and roll!! Sounds great!!