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    Zildjian Avedis cymbals

    I have a set of the Avedis cymbals and I love them. I have 22 and 20in Ride, 19 and 18 Crash and 14HHs The 22" Ride is my favorite. One of the best sounding rides I've ever played. The thing that surprised me the most about these cymbals is the tone they have. The 22" Ride and the 14" Hats...
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    how many kits have you owned?

    Current Kits Ludwig Classic Mod 10" 12" 14"ft 16"ft 18 x 22 61/2 x 14 White Marine Pearl Ludwig Classic 13"16"14 x 22 5 x14 snare Sky Blue Pearl Ludwig Classic Birch 10" 12" 14" 16 x 22 5 x14 snare Sea Blue Kits I've owned Premier 5 piece which was my first real kit. I was 13 years old...
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    Ringo Drumming Live - Compilation

    Good points! I've heard many people including Ringo say that he liked the downbeat size of the 20" bass 12" tom and 14" floor tom because it made him look taller behind the kit. Buddy Rich had horrible posture when he played. When you look at video and photos of Gene Krupa from back in the...
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    Drum myths you heard/believed when you were younger

    Who fans seemed to instantly accept Zac Starkey, and he is an awesome drummer. Totally different style than his father's.
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    Drum myths you heard/believed when you were younger

    Hey Larry, I can identify with everything you said. My first drum kit was a Stewart Black Diamond kit in the early 1970's. I played it for four years until I got my first Ludwig kit. Mom and Pop record stores, Buddy Rich on the Tonight Show, Don Kirshner's rock concert, the Midnight Special...
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    My five favorite drummers of all time 1. Ringo Starr 2. Max Weinberg 3. Ronnie Tutt 4. Gene Krupa 5. Jim Keltner
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    Drum myths you heard/believed when you were younger

    Kenny Jones is one of the most underrated drummers in the history of rock and roll. Who fans overall never accepted him which was a shame. I like Kenny's style of playing drums over Keith Moon's.
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    Simon Phillips

    Simon Phillips was so influential to me as I was growing up. And, I've always played his drum sticks. My main sticks for years.
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    Greg Bissonette

    I was fortunate to see Greg play in person in Ringo's All Star Band last year at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. Had third row seats. Wow, getting to watch Greg play was so exciting. He is one of the best, and maybe the best drummer there is.
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    Ringo Drumming Live - Compilation

    If you watch any of The Beatles live performances on television from 1964 - 66 you can see he was an excellent drummer. And you can see why he was the drummer the band wanted back in 1963. He was just a perfect fit for The Beatles. He was one of the coolest drummers to watch. He had such a...
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    John Paul George and Pete

    I agree with you, very well said!
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    Would you? Potential trade

    I agree. Every time I've played Gretch renown in drum shops I've been amazed at how great they sound. I'm a Ludwig guy, but if I was going to buy a set of Gretsch I would choose the Renown over the Gretsch USA. The USA's seem to be very inconsistent. They seem to have a big quality control...
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    Tuning The Snare Drum

    That's a very helpful pieced of advice. Tuning the snare side head is the only drumhead on the drum kit I've never been certain about.
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    Your personal least favorite set you actually owned.

    I agree with you about the Dunnett snare. I had a Dunnett titanium snare at it was a terrible drum. It did have a nice, deep tone for backbeats. But it was the most unresponsive snare I've ever played. And the snares would work themselves loose at times. I've had different experience with...
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    After a long internal struggle, I did it.

    Totally agree about 10" toms. There is something special about them. They are easy to tune.