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    Best cymbals you've ever played.

    I seen a post about "The worst cymbals you've ever played" which inspired, but excuse me if there is already a post about this... Personally, the best cymbals I have played are my Sabian 17/18 Evolution Crashes. I play loads of styles, like jazz, latin, punk, technical stuff and straight up...
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    Check this fill out. A variation of paradiddles I put together to get this cool fill. I just used a basic groove to demonstrate how it can be applied, but you can do quite a lot with it. Give me your feedback, or show me how you'd play it.
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    2012 Mapex Meridian Maple Demo Got this brand new Meridian Maple the other month for a pretty cheap price from in a drum shop clearance sale. Just got round to tuning it up and setting it up properly. It's not my kit per say, it's my dad's. He liked my kit, so we got him this kit as...
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    My Hero - Foo Fighters (full band cover)

    My band did this at my school for charity a few weeks ago, it went down pretty well and we got alot of good feedback! The audio isn't amazing because the amps weren't mic'd up and the vocal microphones were way to well, but the drums sound awesome (I think). I did alot of jazz style comping...
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    When I was in a Jazz band... (Jazz-Funk)

    At the start of the year, I joined a jazz band for my local council to play drums aswell as another few bands and shortly after played a concert in one of the biggest venue's in Glasgow, so I uploaded the video to YouTube. Check it out! I'm playing drums obviously and I'd love to hear any...
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    Meinl Byzance Sand cymbals + Sabian HHX Evolutions?

    I've been looking at the Meinl Sand Hi-Hats and Sand Ride for a couple of weeks now because they're the exact sound I need! I play many different styles of music and even while in school or if I have to fill in for another band I need cymbals that suit all styles of music. Meinl have done the...
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    3/4 Polyrhythm's.

    Learned some of these yesterday, still picking them up and playing around with them and I had been awake since 5am when this was filmed, the video itself was recorded at around 8pm. I've been learning poly-rhythm's to widen my creativity and helping independence between hands and feet. Tell me...
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    My friend wants feedback (for a competition)

    Hey guys, one of my friends has entered for the Young Drummer Of The Year competition and I'm looking to help him out for some feedback, he wants to know what you guys think and what advice you guys have for him. Thanks! Colin's video Oh, and if you...
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    Jazz-Funkin' it up! Did this during the weekend and prepared it 15-30 minutes prior to the actual video recording. What do you guys think? All feedback appreciated!
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    Problem with tom lug.

    Hey guys, not posted in a while. But the other day I noticed that one of my bolts kept falling out of my lugs and wouldn't tighten very much. Today, I stripped the drum apart to see what the problem was, I still see no problem. Apart from a problem with the bolt/lug. I have attached a video...
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    Light inside a bass drum?

    My band have a few gigs where I need to take my own kit, recently I seen the Evans EQ3 Frosted Glass Reso and I liked the sound. I'm thinking of buying one and spray-painting the band name onto the head. But ontop of that, I was thinking about installing a light inside my bass drum. However, I'm...
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    Brann Dailor's Meinl Videos

    Meinl seem to be doing all these videos of Brann Dailor from Mastodon gigs. They are really awesome! Just the drums and guitar tracks. I really like them! Check this one from Blasteroids And Blood And Thunder...
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    2 clamps on the one cymbal stand. Is this safe? (Pictures included!)

    I found a spare clamp and arm when looking for another cymbal stand for my cymbals but obviously, only have few boom stands (and I'm low on cash until next week THEN I can get a stand) but because this cymbal stand has a tom mounted via clamp on it I think it could be a little heavy? It tilts a...
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    What's your main crash?

    I'm interested to know what you guys use as your left side crash. My main crash varies between an 16" Agean Custom Brilliant crash and a 17" Sabian HHX Evolution Crash. I used to use an 18" Zildjian A Custom EFX permanently for a main crash. Can't wait to hear what you guys have!
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    Crash Of Doom. Are they limited edition? And Sabian...

    I've always wondered this, even though I'm slowly converting into a Sabian guy I've always wanted to get my hands on a Crash Of Doom. The only thing stopping me is someone telling me they were/are limited edition. Can anyone tell me if this is true? And Sabian, I've had my ears on a 21" AAX Raw...