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    Best piece(s) of advice you've gotten from this forum?

    Easy. Go to London Drum Show and go see Michele Drees play. Holy Cow.
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    Would you play gigs with it ?

    I have a one of a kind custom kit and the maker went out of business. Despite having 2x other kits I still take this one of a kind out to every gig from pubs to wedding venues. I bought it because I loved it, so my gods it's getting used <3
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    Roland and Korg fined £5.5m, GAK in trouble Hmm.... this isn't good.
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    Kelly Shu Help

    Just a quickie before I fade back into obscurity, where do you kelly shu owners put the lead for the mic? Do you just thread it through the port hole or figure a way to wire it through vent holes? Pics would be fab too!
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    gear4music awful service

    Gah! So 2 weeks ago I ordered some stuff and heads from gear4music, as I finally made the decision to move to Remo after being dissatisfied with the other brands. All the stuff I order is listed as in stock, I pay the money and it says it should take 2-3 days. Perfect as I need them that...
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    Bun E Carlos left Cheap Trick?

    Ludwig uploaded a picture of Cheap Tricks new drummers kit (Daxx Nielsen). Anyone know whats happened?
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    interesting ebay find thoughts?
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    The Drummerworld Game

    I just had an idea for a game for us lot... it might also help to dispell the stigma on some set-ups etc. The premise is so: A member states what size drums he uses, and what cymbals (no brands, just types), and the next 10 people have to guess what genre of music they are using that set up for...
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    Zildjian S Family

    Ok, little bit confused here.... So i went cymbal shopping and needed a new pair of hi hats, had good budget and listened to everything and came out with some cymbals id never heard of. The brand we all know, Zildjian, but the actual series was called "S Family". I had to inquire to the guys in...
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    Gretsch shells

    Something ive only just noticed, on the gretsch drums site the newer catalina maples instead of saying select maple (cheaper stuff) now say the same as renowns: gretsch formula maple shells. Is there anything to this? Or is now the only difference between a renown and the cat the silver sealer?
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    Construction of concert toms

    A question for the builders and in the knows: How much does the shell construction and depth of a shell affect the sonic qualities of concert toms?
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    drum ply query

    I dont have great eyes, so i need some awesome people to help me out on something. I have this lovely snare, and spent most of my time with it thinking it was 3ply. But today after having a full inspection i actually think it might be a single ply, but REALLY thin single ply. The re rings are...
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    Apparently wood isnt important in drums

    So just read this over at the pearl drummers forum, thoughts? PYRRHO There is no such thing as 'tonewood'. Wood is chosen based on availability, cost, workability, and finish properties. Only after the shell has been designed, the target demographic identified, and projected returns analyzed...
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    Good Bye Malleus pedals

    Are you wondering why the page is down? This is why:
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    A true rarity

    Bet none of you have seen one of these before ;) Might be because its the only one thats ever been seen. And thats coming from Nick Hopkins, Mike Ellis and Bob Henrit, pending other confirmations.