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    Has Gretch quality decreased? We’re Gretch drums sold to another company?

    I bought a set of Renowns' last year. And I'll say they are one of the best sounding kits I've ever owned. I was a little leary at first because of the five lugs; but they tune just as easy as any other drum.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I just picked up a set of 15" Byzance extra dry thin/medium hats, 20" Byzance extra dry thin crash and a 22" dry dark ride.( not in production)
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    saluda cymbals

    I have Saluda cymbals. I got 18,19, 20 Ambiance crashes. They are dark, the decay is pretty quick and they were hammered to a semi dry tone. The hats are the Symbolic series. They sound pretty good. Medium in weight with a vented bottom. I had those made semi dry as well. My Ride is an...
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    Replacing Stock Heads

    Snare drum batter-G1 Toms-G2 clear top, G1 bottom Bass-EMAD heavyweight moon gel only if necessary.
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    Cymbal recommendation

    Have you thought about a stacker?
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    Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 22" as all-rounder ride? Other suggestions?

    I'm in the same boat as you. Looking for a new ride. I've been looking into the Byzance Vintage Sand ride, or the Byzance Raw Bell Dark ride and the Byzance Jazz Medium ride, all in 22". From what I have herd online (no music store here carries these cymbals) it is a hard choice. Give these a...
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    High Hat Cymbals

    Jazz thin from the Byzance line by Meinl. They sound amazing.
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    Advice on odd pairings for hi-hats

    I would have the 16 cut down to a 14 and match it up that way. It might sound good.
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    which loudest/projection for piccolo snare?

    I had a pearl 14 x 3 maple that would cut through the loudest guitars. No microphone necessary.
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    Byzance vintage pure or vintage sand hats?

    I'm looking into getting one of these sets of hats. I have watched videos on both, but would like some of your personal input. I play in a rock cover band and an original pop rock band.
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    List your equipment failures

    At one show I put a hole in my batter bass drum head. Another show I blew out the bottom snare side head. Of corse many broken sticks, and one cracked cymbal. I also forgot my drum throne once. The one I borrowed was set really low. I was asked not to change the height, so that show was rough.
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    Live Queen cover - Now I'm Here

    Here is a recording of my band (No Good Deed) performing Now I'm Here by Queen. I hope you enjoy.
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    Mapex Falcon Pedal Cam Cracked!

    I purchased a Mapex Falcon bass pedal a few months back. I got to practice a few times with it before a show. I got to the show, set up, and was checking the lock screws on the pedal to make sure they were snug. I went to tighten the one that adjusts the throw angle and it ended up cracking...
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    Saluda Ambiance or Symbolic Cymbals

    Just curious if anyone has tried these Saluda cymbal lines or know anyone who has. I'm looking for a back-up set of cymbals that isn't a big three and fairly inexpensive. Thanks
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    Thoughts on the Saluda Ambiance Line

    Hello folks, I have heard some good things about these guys and was curious if any of you have played the new Ambiance line that was released last year. From what they say on their site the cymbals are supposed to be fast and kinda trashy. Sounds intriguing to me. Plus they can customize them...