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    How should I balance learning from books and learning from music?

    You know what? I owe you an apology for my last post. It's really not my place to question your approach and your journey. Sorry man.
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    Recommended listening for Jazz 3/4?

    Tony Williams on this last one, damn! Thanks a lot you guys, this is just what I was looking for.
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    How should I balance learning from books and learning from music?

    <--melter-downer, lol. :) Question asked: "how do I get better at such and such?" Answer given, from someone at the top of this field in MG's case: "Do this, not that". Your reply: "But I just wanna have fun!" Fine, but why ask questions? And why play jazz if it's not to play with people...
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    Recommended listening for Jazz 3/4?

    Trying to get that 3/4 together. What recordings and/or drummers would you consider the cream of the waltz crop to listen to? Been messing with Todd Bishop's World's Shortest Roy Haynes waltz lesson, but that's really the doctoral class, not the freshman class. Who do you go to for solid...
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    I am rubbish. Online lesson/structured practice recommendations?

    Okay ChampionRabbit, I had spent far too long down the rabbit hole you're in. The above post is the only truth. Don't subscribe to nothin. Don't join a community and stare at each other's half-assed videos. Get a f-ing teacher, period, the end. Get off the web and practice the living hell...
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    How should I balance learning from books and learning from music?

    I don't understand why this isn't said more often. If you want to "really get into it" as you say, get a teacher. There are a bunch here who Skype, it works great. Or a local teacher. It's cool to take a test lesson with any teacher so you can see if you click. A good teacher will listen to...
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    Aging out

    I don't know, I made those same mistakes in the wedding band now and then, in my thirties and forties. It just happens. Fresh repertoire wouldn't hurt. Now don't get into the habit of blaming everything on your age! After a while you might start believing it.
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    Tracks, Clicks and Worship Drumming

    Keeping a band on track with the click is a skill unto itself, and they'll get off right where you think they might: starts, changes, busting into solos like a horse leaving the gate at the track, and any time you lay out. You have to do extra overwatch of the tempo, such as using hat chicks...
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    How many of you are self-taught?

    My experience was self-taught for twenty years or so, and then took lessons. I learned more and improved more as a player in that year than I did the first twenty. As for fundamentals, I recently hired an excellent jazz drummer and educator, and at least half of the lesson, if not the whole...
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    I AM DEMOTIVED. I can no longer play well and with desire

    Get a teacher, seriously. Everything will change.
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    Steve Smith Plays Wilcoxon 124

    I love this. What's the guy with the platinum records, grammy's, reputation and thousands of drool-worthy gigs doing at 66 yrs old? Practicing.
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    Help me out here

    It does sound like an exercise in futility, doesn't it? I would definitely be looking for a different flavor in other brands. Sabians have a faster attack and shorter sustain on average. I would consider it a more modern sound I guess. And they've got that O-zone crash that no one has...
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    How to become a more musical drummer

    I think a player should adopt a principle that speaks to them. For instance, Bernard posted a video on the FB page with Gadd recording with the Buddy Rich band for a Burning for Buddy recording. Just in the first four stick clicks he tells the band "deep pocket, back of the post", and the...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Max Roach's solo on Delilah.
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    How to become a more musical drummer

    Interesting comment! I recently started piano so I could be a better drummer.