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    Sample Pads

    Looking for a cheap sample pad to just play say cowbells and trigger samples. Alesis sample Pad etc any good
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    Learning Independence

    I've been drumming for years but still struggle with certain bass drum patterns. I'm too locked in with my right certain drums patterns I can play until I bring the hi-hat in. Great example is the song Two Princes by Spin Doctors, I can't play that song to save my life. Another one...
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    Roland announcement on Fri 9th September

    Are they unveiling the new Roland TD-50? Strong rumours are doing the rounds... Here's hoping!
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    Drum sounds on new releases - yawn

    Perhaps it's just me but drums on albums the last few years really have become stale. All this 'I took 30 snares into the studio' sounds like a load of bull to me The drums these days are so heavily processed they may as well take a $300 Dixon's kit into the studio compared to a $15k DW or Tama...
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    Dynamics E Cymbal II

    Anyone know what kind of glue they use for the red felt. Once crash it's peeled away, I've tried superglue and no joy!! I thought super glue glued everything!!!
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    Pintech Conversion Kit

    Anyone used these from Pintech for converting electronic kits. I've used Extreme Drum Triggers and ddrum drt triggers on mesh heads on my acoustic toms and I have found neither really hit the mark.
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    Is the acoustic kit dying?

    I am finding more and more with gigs these days I'm having to use my electronic kit over acoustic in venues. So much so, I have converted my Tama Starclassic Bubinga elite kit to mesh heads and running that through a TD-4 module. (soon to be a td-20x) I have used my acoustic kit probably twice...
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    Playing back video on stage

    I have looked around for the best thing. Basically we want to play videos on a backdrop to songs. That side is sorted. I just want to know what will be the best software to play these videos to a projector from a macbook pro. Some people use itunes but I want the video to stop at the end and I...
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    Roland MD-120 Rack

    I bought one of these pretty cheaply off ebay the other night and well last night I was ready to set fire to the thing... Whoever designed this rack at Roland I'd like to punch them on the nose It doesn't matter what I do I cannot get the damn thing level........the back legs will be at a 45...
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    Backing Tracks out to separate channels

    Hi guys I've scoured the net but haven't found an answer, just wondering if anyone has this experience. For a show we need to run backing tracks but we want to send the backing tracks out as separate channels, I guess just like the real thing if that makes sense. I will have the backing tracks...
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    Shows how the music business is going

    I see The Cult released their new album on Monday, I hear about it on a thrash bands forum (Machine Head)..........barely any magazines have promoted this release real shame, still a great band...........Tempesta kills it on this album too
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    cleaning Gold plated lugs and rims

    I've heard various suggestions, even toothpaste but nothing has really returned that shine anyone have experience of cleaning lugs and rims, I have a Pearl Masterworks and well the gold is just dull these days............thanks
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    Running backing tracks from an iPad

    Hi guys, I guess this has been covered but I'm not having much joy off the net. I need to run backing tracks, I currently have a Roland SPD-SX but I think it's overkill for what I need. I have heard several drummers running an Ipad..........I need to split the stereo channel, the left is hard...
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    Man I cannot nail triplets

    I have been drumming for absolutely years but I still can't nail triplets, it's more a personal thing because Iv'e never really had a need to use it in songs but that fluent L R Kick or some people R L Kick I cannot do....... But I can do it say just a single R L Kick usually done at the end of...
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    XM Electronic Drums from Taiwan

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this already but I love the look of these kits...