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    Help Vintage MIJ Tama Snare Throwoff!!

    You can use ANY throw off you want, hole patterns don't matter ! All you need is an adapter plate. Do a search or read this link, just one example.
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    "Living next door to Alice" - Smokie "Alice, who the f@#k is Alice?"- Gompie (Dutch novelty act)
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    Ludwig Baseball Bat Installation Location on Snare Drum

    You do realize that the "Bertram"-story was a joke?
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    Has "Wynonas big brown beaver" by Primus been mentioned yet?
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    Carrie (Europe , from "The final countdown") Lorraine (another swedish band, 220 volt) Mitzi Dupree (about the girl with the ping-pong balls, from Deep Purples "The house of blue light")
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    Yamaha part number question

    Watch this video, maybe you can repair it yourself. Not that the Yamaha tom holders are very expensive, but still...
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    Yamaha Stage Custom -vs- Sonor AQ2

    Aso, it looks like the Stage Custom 14" floor toms only have 6 lugs per head.
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    And justice for all...Snare drum?

    The bass drums are from his Tama Superstar chrome finish, kit used on the touring for Master of Puppets.
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    And justice for all...Snare drum?

    No, the remastered version didn't change the mix, the bass is still low. There are, however, several fan-made bass-heavy mixes on Youtube.
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    And justice for all...Snare drum?

    It was actually Paul Bostaph who said that, talking about his 3,5 and 6,5 bell bronze snares, in a Tama ad. "Diabolus in musica " - era. I do know that Dave Lombardo used a 6,5 Tama FibreStar on South of Heaven (MD Ask a Pro). On Seasons in the Abyss, its the same cracking piccolo snare sound...
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    Best left-handed drummer?

    Mark Craney
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    Richard Bailey drums

    Could it be a Sonor Designer kit?
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    DW's $4000 True Cast Bell Bronze snare!

    So we have : Brass Bronze Bell brass Bell bronze - clear as a bell!
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    Sean Reinert

    Oh no, Sean Reinert dead at 48...
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    One less tom/cymbal - stripping down kit

    Leon Parker, he used only a ride cymbal. No drums.