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    low pitch 14" hihats

    What are the lowest pitch 14" hihats that you have tried? I have a pair if 14" Zildjian K hihats and they are described as "low_pitched" but in recordings they sound medium pitched to me. What would be a pair of hihats one step lower than the K's anyone know?
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    My bass drum sound is now perfect..

    I have found the holy grail of bass drum sound.. heads batter: Emad 1 without the foam ring reso: remo ambassador with 2" chrome port hole muffling: 6"x18"x1" studio foam in bottom barely touching both heads Tuning: batter: JAW Reso: 1/4 turn above jaw *Kelly shu internal mounted AKG d112...
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    letting go

    Something I can't quite explain but notice during recording sessions. (playing with the click and music) Sometimes - I'll be in a rush to record a drum part to some of my original music I ALWAYS hit record the first time through because I have learned from experience that sometimes that first...
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    too many cymbals?

    Similar to the "how many is too many splashes" thread I'm curious to hear what other think as an "excessive" count of cymbals on a kit. Personally - having so many cymbals that your kit (and you) are buried behind stands and cymbals and splashes is not my style... I've seen some kits on...
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    kick beater flutter thread no 1001

    aaaarrrrrghhhh.... the good news: My kick sounds perfect the bad news: the key I think is an intact reso head the problem is I have been playing a ported kick for long time now so switching to the full reso has revealed a nasty beater flutter issue with my foot!! I thought I totally had...
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    Paiste signature

    Just received my first paiste signature cymbal -17" fast crash- (used but in pristine condish) for almost half price... wow - amazing - I am really having a hard time getting over how great this cymbal plays and sounds! Got a good deal on it so I have zero regrets - even if I paid full...
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    good ol' coated ambassadors

    I recently outfitted my kit with coated amb's over clear amb's and this is without a doubt the best head config I have tried on my Tama Imperialstal drums. Holy delicious gooey tone batman! Call it a freak accident of superb tuning or new head syndrome whatever...these heads were effortless...
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    14" K hi hats

    Who's got 'em? who loves 'em? who hates 'em? this is a thread dedicated to 14" Zildjian K hihats My K's just arrived today - I rushed like a mad man to set them up on my kit and once I did I proceeded to hihat jam for about 20 minutes. What can I say they are heavy-ish low pitched hihats that...
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    taye rock pro

    Anyone have any comments (good or bad) about these drums?
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    Paiste Giant Beat or Zildjian K?

    Which setup would you prefer? Giant beat: 15" hi hats 18" crash 20" crash 24" Ride Zildjian K: 14" K hi hats 17" K custom dark crash 18" K custom dark crash 20" K custom dark ride
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    This is me myself and I "jamming"
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    is drumming valid exercise?

    I sat down at the kit yesterday and played for a good 45 minutes - worked up a sweat I'm not overweight so I am not trying to lose lbs or anything but I believe drumming can be good exercise - especially when you rock some double kick for more than 5 minutes! lol But you don't have to get...
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    15" Zildjian Avedis Hats - new beats?

    They were listed on ebay as 15" Avedis - picked 'em up for $70 there is no ink on them whatsoever lots of patina - they do infact have the Zildjian stamp Are these new beats? I've tried brand new 15" new beats in shops and they seem quite a bit brighter than what I have. The top is...
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    ahead T.LEE sticks

    I got a pair of his Ahead "studio" sticks for Christmas from my lovely wife and a vic firth practice pad. These sticks are heavy and have forward balance - meaning there seems to be more weight towards the tip which makes them feel very weird. Freakin heavy - never felt a heavier pair of...
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    hoop out of round

    I was wondering if you had a hoop that was noticable not round but fits on the drum and you could tune the drum sufficient would you bother getting a new hoop? My 16" floor tom hoop shows a larger gap between the hoop/head at one side so either the drum itself is seriously out or it's the...