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    Hardware issue

    I'd try using a second felt washer on the cymbal stand. I use Aquarian Cymbal Springs, btw.
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    My Basement Studio

    I'd never leave! Tons of fun there to be had.
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    Seems legit

    Well, it is a China cymbal. :unsure:
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    Post a pic of your drum set desktop

    No drums on my desktop/ no laptop. Standing outside The Little A'Le'inn. Looking at what the tow truck found, lol.
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    My first jam/audition thingy

    The OP had one hell of career playing in several huge bands, made it to the Hall of Fame and passed away broke due to a lengthy drug and alcohol addiction. J/K
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    Beginner gear question

    Your original post made it sound like you wanted something for anger management. My bad.
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    Beginner gear question

    The guy just wants something to beat on. He doesn't care about technic or ability. He said so himself. No need to get triggered over my post, lol.
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    second floor tom

    New gear keeps me interested and I play/practice more. Nothing wrong with that. I'd get a 16X16. You do you and love every bit of it!
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    Beginner gear question

    A pair of sticks and a pillow.
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    New Set of Drums!!!! Free? CRUSH content

    Sweet deal bro. Are ya sure they ain't hot? J/K. Have fun with them, I know I would.
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    Drum Dial or Tune Bot?

    Neary Drum Torque. Made by Regal.
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    How are CS black dots on toms for a big rock sound?

    I've switched back and forth from pins to dots. Currently I rock the dots and they tune up easily and give me a nice sound on my 12, 13 and 16 toms. I back them up with ebony ambassador resos. A little tighter tuning on the ebs. I play rock 'n roll mainly.
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    It's All in the Wrists, Bonham Fans!

    Oh Lord, I was thinking the same thing. LARKIN?? God Smack Larkin?? OKAY...maybe...not really...but..... Thanks for the clarification!
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    The first time I ever broke a piece of hardware...

    I broke the foot board to my Remo bass drum pedal while working on the intro to Crazy Train. I thought it would be a good idea to toss a Philips screwdriver over to my floor tom and it pierced a brand new 16" head. I stretched a tube sock across my Remo Acousticon 14X7 snare shell (muffling) and...