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    Building a Kit.. Ned Bass Drum opinions.

    Building a Kit.. Need Bass Drum opinions. I'm working Pork Pie and we are going to build his Maple/Zebrawood kit to my exact specifications. The wife saw this kit while I was looking into new kits and said I ABSOLUTELY HAD to buy it. But I wasn't sold on the sizes until I called Pork Pie...
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    Trick vs DW driveshaft comparison video

    I bought the Trick drive shaft replacement for my DW pedal. Here is a quick "out of the box" comparison video I did. I will be playing this weekend and I'm excited to test this out first hand all night.
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    DW9000 vs DW9000XF

    So can anyone who's used or played with both give some real life pros and cons about the standard 9000 pedal vs the 9000xf? What are some of the real benefits of the XF? More leverage? Speed wise I'd imagine they have to be the same? I've seen plenty of people play heel-toe on a standard pedal...
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    My Yamaha Maple Custom "Maple Monster"

    Well I have a thread for my PDP kit so thought I'd make an official thread for my Yamaha Maple Custom kit known as the "Maple Monster". When I first built it I was a HUGE Mike Portnoy / Dream Theater fan hence the name. I decided this weekend I wanted to reset up the kit. It was 2 up and 2...
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    Converted Floor Tom to Snare Drum Issues

    My friend showed me a band called Snarky Puppies. Their drummer actually uses a couple of snares turned off as toms and turns them on for cool effects and sounds. So I decided since I now have 3 of these floor toms to try one myself. So I ordered up a DW Throw off with 3 point butt I did a...
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    DW Hi Hat Questions for Double Bass

    Now that I have my second bass drum I have two main questions for anyone running a DW kit and hardware... or any other opinions are welcomed but for those who know me know I'm a little OCD and will be sticking with DW hardware the best I can. 1) Does DW make a legless hi-hat stand? I did...
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    My PDP X7 Sparkle Orange

    I have a 9 piece PDP X7 in Sparkle Orange. It has two Black Nickel DW/PDP limited Snares (14x6.5 and 10x7) Tom sizes are 8, 10, 12, 14, 14, 16 and 22x18 kick. Cymbals are all Sabian XS Hardware is all PDP/DW including rack, arms and 9k pedals. I'll get better pictures. Birdseye Here...