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    Stick Dust

    Do you replace your sticks, or get a new pair from your stick bag, once you start getting stick dust all over the place or do you wait until the stick itself breaks? Do you try to get rid of stick dust around your kit? Can stick dust on a head affect the sound? Mostly this thread is dedicated...
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    Why should I port the bass drum?

    I was wondering what is the difference in having a hole in the bass drum besides being able to mic it easier? Is there a whole different sound that it produces? What are the pros and cons of having a hole? I won't be micing my drum.
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    Longboard or Regular?

    I am thinking of getting a new pedal soon and I am wondering whether to get a longboard or regular pedal? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? I play heel-up (toe-heel) if that helps.
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    Pedal Questions

    I have three questions about pedals. 1. What in your opinion is better, the Pearl Demon Drive or the Trick Pro 1-V? Which pedal is more smooth, adjustable (and not take 20-30 minutes to adjust it), and has better quality parts (such as springs, beater etc.). 2. What are the differences and...
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    Pedal or Throne

    I am wondering what to get first, either the DW 5000 single pedal (or maybe a Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide that will also be a single) or a Roc-N-Soc Nitro throne (with backrest)? What do you think is a better to have?
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    Snare Resonant Head

    Which resonant head should I get for my snare drum. The Aquarian Hi-Performance or the Evans Hazy 300. Is the sound from each head going to be about the same, or is it going to be totally different? Which head do you suggest?
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    Cymbal or Throne

    Which one should I get first? The Roc-N-Soc nitro throne (with back rest) or a paiste alpha rock ride?
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    Evans EC Resonant

    I will be getting the Aquarian studio X batter heads soon. I was thinking for the the EC Resonant for the reso. I was wondering as the studio X heads already have built in mufflers and so do the EC resos. Would dampinging rings on batter and reso make it sound too dead or choked? EDIT: This...
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    Sonor vs Gretsch vs Taye

    Which drum company is better?
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    Aquarian Kick Pad

    I was looking at the Aquarian kick pad and was wondering what are the benefits. If you use them do you use the regular kind or the super-thin? What are the differences between the regular and the super-thin?
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    Double bass

    What are some songs with double bass in it?
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    Does anybody here play a song (or heard of one) with the snare wires unlatched?
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    Drum tabs/music

    I can play reptilla by the strokes. So I was wondering if anybody knew of any songs at this level of playing?
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    Evans vs Aquarian

    I am wondering which heads I should get for my toms. I was thinking either Evans G1 coated (batter) and G1 clear (reso) Or aquarian studio X series with power dot with or without coating (batter) and Evans G1 clear (reso)...