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    So, Remo UX heads are thin.

    How thin? Roughly Diplomat thin. I just measured the thickness of a Mapex Remo UX head, the stock head from my 10" Mydentity tom. There's a small spot where the coating had chipped off, and since the head was due for a replacement, I sliced up the head and measured it with a cheap pair of...
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    Anyone ever try calf heads on a modern drum

    Anyone ever try calf heads on a modern drum? I happened across Earthtone who makes calf heads meant to fit like modern drumheads, for use on modern drums. Naturally their marketing material claims they sound like the best thing since sliced bread. Tempted to give them a try on a snare...
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    Setting up a bass drum for punch

    I've got a new bass drum (18x20 Mapex Mydentity), want to set it up for as much loud punch as possible. I know to play with the tuning, and I've got a few different felt/plastic/wood beaters to play with. What I don't have are any 20" heads to play with. Anyone want to make recommendations...
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    Pearl Free Floating Snare - Which Generation?

    I've been thinking about hunting down an old Pearl free floating snare. Now, I've seen that there are three generations of the drum, as described here: Basically, the first gen...
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    Gibraltar Boom Arms - Brake vs Ball Tilter

    Anyone have any comments about Gibraltar's brake tilters vs their ball tilters on cymbal booms? Ease of adjusting, reliable holding, durability, etc? SC-LB: SC-LBBT...
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    Buying a drum set, who did I miss on my list of options?

    I'm looking to buy a large set of drums that I can mix and match to suit any purpose; jazz kit here, rock kit there, leave a set here, and the other one there, blah blah versatile.. I'd like something like 4-6 toms, probably 10/12/13 racks and 14/16/18 floors. I'd also like two bass drums, 20...
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    Hardware Packs and Gearless Tilters

    I may be in the market for a standard hardware pack. My benchmark is Pearl 900 series hardware. Can anyone recommend anything that is either better or cheaper or otherwise worth investigation? My only requirement is that stands have gearless tilters... Which is sometimes hard to figure out...
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    Can anyone ID this Mapex set?

    18" bass, 10/12/14 toms. If you know what model, age, wood type, etc... any thoughts? I can get it pretty cheap, hoping the build quality would be on a par with the Sonor Safari/Bop kits. Here's photos of the key hardware bits and badge.
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    Anyone use a 10" Scotch-style bass with a drum set?

    Been thinking about getting a cheap 26-ish inch marching bass to convert for drum set use. I've seen a number of 10" deep scotch-style bass drums for sale and wondered if anyone had any thoughts on how they play and sound.
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    Snare side heads

    Seems like the one thing that everyone agrees on is using a Ambassador/300 weight snare side head. Anyone have experience with different weight heads? How do the sound and play in comparison?
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    I'm screwed. Or rather, my P85 is.

    I love my Acrolite. Part because it was essentially free, part because it's just a nice drum. Problem is the screws on the venerable P85/P32 throwoff and butt are partially stripped by a previous owner. And every time I take the wires off, it feels like they strip just a tiny bit more...
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    Trouble with 20" Ludwig bass drums and Remo heads

    So I'm having an issue with 20" bass heads not fitting the counter hoops on my 20" Ludwig classic maple bass. The 20" Remo heads all have a step which protrudes above the head's flesh hoop, as detailed here: The wooden...
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    Does anyone make ball tip 2B sticks?

    And/or, can anyone recommend something similar to a standard 2B with a ball tip? 3drumsticks is no more, need to find something new to use. I like 2Bs, and I like both ball and standard acorn tips depending on the cymbal and situation.
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    Anyone pad their bass drum claws?

    So I have shiny new drums and was thinking about cutting out felt to pad the bass drum claws so they don't chew the hoops as much. Anyone try this, and is there any reason not to do it? Figure it'll take a couple hours to cut out a whole bunch of little bits of felt, plus I'd have to go buy...
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    Well, I have Classic Maples now.

    My replacement shells arrived. Well, two weeks ago, actually, but I've been out of town some, and the kids have been sick, and I haven't had much time with them yet. The finish is great this time around. No complaints there. And even with only preliminary tuning they sound good, though the...