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    Al Jackson Jr 18" Ride

    20" Zildjian A Crash Ride or Avedis should get you close enough IMHO.
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    Before the Pandemic I owned Zero Meinl cymbals

    That is true - here in Europe the price difference is not that huge, but still substantial. (Unless you get as lucky as I did - got a bunch of Masters and 602s on sale for almost 50% off.) And if you want dark and dry, Meinl is the way to go.
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    Before the Pandemic I owned Zero Meinl cymbals

    Your experience? Or your observation? There´s a difference, you know. :) I for one have never experienced cracking a Paiste (or any other cymbal, for that matter). IMHO it´s a myth that Paistes crack easier than other makes. Anyway - those Meinls are nice indeed. 😀
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    Help Vintage MIJ Tama Snare Throwoff!!

    Tama makes one to fit their current strainers.
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    snare throw off problem

    I´m not really a fan of that strainer either but I had it on a couple of snares, and it usually works well. Only one acted up in a similar way - took it off, cleaned it, lubed it, now it´s as good as new. Never found out what the problem was. I did eventually replace it with my favourite...
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    Erm ---

    Thanks for the laugh! :)
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    Cymbal pack dilemma

    Absolutely. I have the Performance set (15, 19, 22), and for 858 € (Thomann) it not only is a steal but also blows the Ks out of the water, IMHO of course. (I have owned the 15" K Lights, 18" Sweet crash and 22" Light Ride - really pretty cymbals but to me the HHX Complex are on another level.)...
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    Pro-Mark......Your Thoughts?

    Benny Greb claims his VF sig stick does exactly that. Other than that, maple sticks. Maybe the VF MJC4.
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    Help ID'ing Paiste Ride Cymbal

    Hollow logo = Formula 602 Classic, so it´s got to be a Medium Ride. No other models in that size available in 2015.
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    HH Clutch Treads Rubbing On Cymbal

    This. I did that on the Yamaha clutch I use once a week in our rehearsal room, and the tape holds up perfectly. For the Yamaha stand I use every day I invested in a new non-threaded clutch - the Sonor 200 series is dirt cheap, is 6 mm like the Yamaha rod and works like a charm. If you are OCD...
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    Cymbal identification

    No. Probably made in China.
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    Why are Vater sticks cheaper???

    In reality, you can buy pairs that are a whopping 20 grams apart. I have VF 85As ranging from 89g to 109g a pair. The pairs themselves are perfectly matched but I found the overal difference in weight astonishing. These days I play Vater 7A Manhattan sticks. Mine range from 92g to 106g a pair...
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    Want your input on steel snare drums.....

    I can vouch for the cheap Pearl Sensitone. Great drum, very sensitive indeed, great sound. Can´t go wrong for 130 bucks new. The Ludwig Supralite is very nice as well. Gretsch Brooklyn COS - killer drum!
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    Cymbal Set?

    Since nobody mentioned them - if you buy new, the best value for money on the market right now IMHO are the Istanbul Agop Xist cymbals.
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    Stratus - bass player's nightmare?

    That is a very good question! I play bass as well, and that tune is really taxing to play. You need a lot of stamina and concentration to pull off the countless repetitions. Nothing more embarrassing than butchering a simple three-note-lick! :)