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    Coated vs. Clear Heads

    I have a Safari kit as well. I replaced the stock heads with clear Pinstripes and liked the sound. Then because I thought I wanted a deeper sound I went to Evans Calftones. I play both Blues and Jazz and thought the Calf would be good all around. I wear hearing aids and thought the sound was...
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    What is your favorite drummer joke?

    A Rock Drummer named Sticks lives at home with his parents who are very upset at the life style attached to his chosen profession. His Mother tells him it's time for confession and seek absolution. In the Confessional the Priest asks if he has anything to confess: "Well Father I had an affair...
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    Thank You Drummer World!

    Well we agree that threads should be key open. As for me I don't let anyone grind my gears. If there is a thread that doesn't interest me I simply bypass it. It works for me.
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    Thank You Drummer World!

    I agree but if the post is of interest and is still there then one should feel free to revive it.
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    You know you’re getting old when...

    Now that's funny. God rest Sandy Nelson
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    Sabian B8 Pro 20" Ride Cymbal

    The B8 Pro differers mainly from the original B8 in that it has a high shine finish. It also seems brighter than the original. I'm guessing it's a rework of the B8 metal that changed the sound. I had both and the original was slightly darker. As for Rock it will do the Job unless your a very...
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    Thank You Drummer World!

    You bet. Groove on Pal !
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    Thank You Drummer World!

    Touchy, touchy.. I happen to like people asking opinions from others re: their equipment choice. I'm 80 and it's amazing the tips I've picked up from this forum. But there obviously those who know everything and therefore find we neophytes and our silly questions intolerable. I humbly apolgise...
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    You know you’re getting old when...

    You know your getting older when your idea of a big night is : A hot bath, A good book and hoping you don't get tapped on the shoulder by your partner when you get into bed !
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    Thank You Drummer World!

    Or just maybe you should withdraw from Drummerworld and start your own blog where you can set the rules. Some of us only came on a year or so ago and if the thread is still open then we will most likely respond. Don't presume to tell us how we should use this form..that's up to the directors...
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    Mapex Armory tuning problem

    Or download IStrobosoft for $0.00 !! It not only shows the key when first struck including HZ, but the key at the end of the sustain. I find it works great. I cant download your video for some reason but if this kit has toms and kick that are not very deep then be cautious how tight you tune...
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    Canadian Zildjian

    Yes It did. After Armand Zildjian and brother Robert split due to business model differences in about 1981, Robert bought the Canadian Plant. He couldn't use the Zildjian name he called it Sabian which was an acronym for his three kids names SAlly, BILl,ANdy. Actually Zildian Canada had two of...
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    What do you think is more worthwhile: transcribing and learning entire drum solos OR stealing particular licks from solos and perfecting them?

    Hey I'm an old guy 80, but I still do some solos when our group plays BeBop. I use the Mel Lewis method "don't think ahead, just do what you feel" I have recorded a couple but for some reason I can't upload them to this form.. I can play drums but to operate a cell phone past saying "hello" is a...
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    Another dumb question: What makes a "great" ride cymbal?

    I have a 22 in Zildjian Canada A circa 1976 and a brand new new Sabian 20 in AAX medium ride. Altnough the Zil isn't marked I'm sure its a medium. The AAX is brighter than the Zil but I like the difference and like you I think they complement each other rather than clash. The AAX works better...