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    Rick Beato: Modern Music's Death by Auto-Tune

    Video killed the radio star, computers replaced musicians, and soon the androids will replace us. Lots of people already lost their jobs to the NESCO robot. The times, they are a changin'. You can fight it and complain about it and ultimately have a stroke or heart attack in your rage, or...
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    Which forums have you stopped visiting/contributing?

    My chosen field has it's own specialty job posting location, so I've been applying online since the early 2000s. That, however, involves and email with resume and cover letter attached with a brief introduction in the email body. No online HR nonsense.
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    Image Attachments Size

    I find this not only esthetically pleasing, but calming as well. I have a love for wiring that is cleanly routed and labeled.
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    Do You Feel a Need for Everything to Match?

    Pearl, Mapex, Tama, Gibraltar, PDP, Premier, Zildjian. I don't care
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    Free Flowing Practice I use these two quite often.
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    One up and one down set up

    Who needs 4 pieces when three and cowbells get it done?
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    I'm just finding this out NOW?!!!!!

    This was informative.
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    I'm just finding this out NOW?!!!!!

    This is a super interesting thread. Unfortunately, the Willet link is no good anymore so I can't read the article. I think I know what the discussion is about, but I need a visual aid to fully understand. Guess I'll have to subscribe to Bill's site when funds allow.
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    Pearl 75th Anniversary

    Oh I know, I was being a smartarse. :D I think the endangered status of the plant is what led to the higher price point. It's still too much money, regardless of reasons.
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    You know you’re getting old when...

    Tangents due to CRS are a staple of knowing you're getting old. This randomness 100% belongs here.
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    Pearl 75th Anniversary

    136 of the 148 species of Shorea are either critically endangered or endangered, this would leave only 12 available to harvest for timber. Of those 148 species, none of them are labeled as Pearl. :unsure:
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    Pearl 75th Anniversary

    Love this. Mayo on white would be another.
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    Why so many drum products are out of stock

    There are many countries that manufacture items we use that are still locked down which effects production and export (see: Canada, lumber). There are disruptions along the entire supply chain right down to the raw materials that are mined. Patience is even more of a virtue lately. To give...
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    You know you’re getting old when...

    He was a victim of Edison's propaganda. Edison was a thief and a BS artist who tried to (and mostly succeeded at the time) to destroy Tesla and AC power as Edison was Mr. DC and didn't like the competition. Plus, Tesla was a foreigner and easy to attack. It's a terrible story of man who was...