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    Dennis Chambers appreciation post

    Hi guys, one of my favourite jazz fusion albums with Chambers on drums is 'Trypnotyx' by Victor Wooten. It's filled with monster parts from all the instruments and gives me inspiration for fills and grooves and writing music. Chambers drumming is just stunningly brilliant and I aspire to one day...
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    Stick Control beast sessions to revitalise your lock down pad practice

    Since the lockdown I have been unable to access my universities practice rooms so the only drum practice I can do is on my pad. I've continued to strengthen my foundation with stick control and other snare/ rudimental books like the Alex Duthart book. As well as pad work, I have been improving...
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    "Gospel Chops"...I just don't get it.................

    Gospel Chops sound dope but aren't functional for most gigs, unless, it is for a solo or a renowned drummer playing with an artist. I know a lot of guys who have 'gospel chops' but rarely unleash them during a gig because the music they are playing doesn't call for those fast, intricate rhythms...
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    Stewart Copeland - Sheet music?

    If you are looking to learn the early police songs I would say you would have to learn them by ear as there isnt much sheet music out there as Copeland usually improvised the drum parts when recording. If you have a samsung phone there is a speed function available so you can slow it right down...
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    Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor

    I loved this guy. He was so crazy but also so influential to a lot of drummers, me included. What are your guys thoughts on him? Here are some links which I Found hope you guys find it useful.
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    Help with joining a band

    I've been playing drums for 6 years now and im still not in a band! Lately i've started taking my practice more seriously by making structured plans and practicing for 1-3 hours a night. I live in a rural part of Scotland and i've numerous times to starts bands with my friends but they just...