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    Which Drum Heads?

    Which Tom Heads are best for that soft fat mic'd sound? Like something that can give a similar sound like not much attack but warm and fat. Im a Cali Reggae Drummer(Mixture of Reggae/Rock/Jazz/Fusion/Pop) and im about to get my mics but i was wondering which is the best to get that better sound...
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    Help Drum Micing

    Okay well i understand the whole Mic Placement but what do i need to mic my drum set for studio and gigs, Like i dont know what excactly i need, Like the Drum Mics of course but what do i run them to and so and so? Like do i hook it to a laptop, or Mixer then speakers or what? Help please.
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    Is it worth it?

    Okay, The other day i went to check out my friends drum set because i might buy it. Its a 5 piece Sunlite Velocity Drumset. Original price is $470. Its in good condition except one of the lugs is broken, single brassed Cymbal Stand, and no Hi Hat Stand. And also it has Sabian B8 Hi Hats and a...