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    One foot out the door

    Don't feel guilty. I thought it was funny too.
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    Ever owned or played a "famous" drum set?

    About 30 years ago, Simon Phillips did a clinic at a music shop in Cottonwood Heights, UT. I lived in the area at the time, so I went to the clinic and met Simon, then a couple of days later I was back at the store for some sticks and the kit he used was on the floor for sale. I jammed on it for...
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    What are you doing today as a drummer?

    As an IT guy, I'm waiting for 4:00 PM so I can go home. Then as a drummer, I'll spend some time on the kit before my better half gets home from work.
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    One foot out the door

    Thanks, I appreciate all the good suggestions. I knew you guys would have some ideas! I'll just keep plugging away on the kit.
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    The List of Most Fun to Play Drum Songs

    Mama Kin and Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith Rock and Roll, In My Time Of Dying - Zeppelin Purple Haze - Hendrix Detroit Rock City - Kiss Subdivisions - Rush Ain't Talkin' Bout Love - Van Halen Bad Motorscooter, Rock Candy - Montrose Hair of the Dog - Nazareth Snowblind - Sabbath Orgasmatron - Motorhead
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    One foot out the door

    I appreciate each of you taking the time to respond. I'm right handed, so I don't know that switching to a left handed setup at my age would be very practical, and I am far from ambidextrous. I do have a double bass pedal on my kit, but I haven't had much success mastering the LH side. Maybe...
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    One foot out the door

    Cheers all, a few months ago I had my right leg amputated below the knee due to a long and drawn out battle with an infection. Anyway, I'm back on two feet as I now have a prosthetic leg, and I have no intention of giving up drumming. However, without the ability to independently move my foot at...
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    Too old to Play Drums

    40 too old? Ha ha ha. I'll turn 60 in a couple of months.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Latest purchase was a DW snare stand. I'm sure we all know what one of those looks like, so no pic.
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    EPIC drum fills...

    Arejay Hale of Halestorm does a great cover of "Straight Through the Heart".
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    EPIC drum fills...

    Peart's fills in By-Tor and the Snow Dog are the definition of epic.
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    EPIC drum fills...

    John Bonham in Stairway to Heaven, the fill going into "and as we wind on down the road..."
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    Help picking new kit

    No love for Ludwig?
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    Do your neighbors complain?

    No they don't complain. We live in a subdivision where the houses are fairly close together, but my drum room is on the side of the house where there is a wide green space between our lot and the house to the north.
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    What kind of music do you traditionally play?

    Since what we now call "classic rock" was current when I started playing in the 60's, that's my favorite genre. I also play some metal, but not the real hardcore stuff (ie: Meshuggah or Gojira, etc) I'm just not as fast as I used to be, especially with the bass.