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    Online music stores "My Rant!"

    In the Phoenix area, we have a handful of Guitar Centers and one Sam Ash store. I prefer the Sam Ash, but it's 40 miles from me on the other side of the valley and it couldn't be less convenient if it was in Albuquerque. I have commented here in this forum in the past about how all the online...
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    Songs for Beginners?

    Learn side 1 of 2112 by Rush. Just kidding, better get a few more months of experience before you try and tackle Peart.
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    List your equipment failures

    Over the years I've had a couple of bass pedal springs break on me in the middle of a song, and of course sticks and a few snare heads. Other than that, I've been lucky. I am very meticulous about my setup and make sure everything is tight (cymbal arms, floor tom legs, etc) before I play.
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    R.I.P Neil Peart

    I'm stunned. It all makes sense now. RIP Professor!
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    How many brands of drum gear have YOU owned?

    I started out playing Ludwigs and I still play Ludwigs today, although I did have a CB700 9 piece for a few years as a gigging kit. I originally played Zildjian cymbals, and did for many years. Now I'm "all Meinl all the time". I currently have two kits, both are Ludwig, with Ludwig Atlas...
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    I drove my wife's car and listened to her radio station... my thoughts.

    The only time I listen to local radio is when I need a traffic report. I listen to Sirius/XM in both our cars. At least then I have some control over what I'm listening to. Ozzy's Boneyard, Liquid Metal, Turbo, Hair Nation, Octane, Deep Tracks, and Classic Vinyl.
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    My cat has been 'marking my drum set....

    I think I'd be making myself a new pair of furry slippers.
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    Cleaning autographed Sabian AA for display purposes

    Big score! It's fine just as it is.
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    Disturbing the neighbors

    I guess I'm lucky. I'm in Gilbert, too and my drums are set up in my den/office. That's on the north side of my house and there's a green space between our house and our neighbors to the north. However, my neighbor closest to my drum room is a DPS cop and he works nights, so I try to limit my...
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    Nicko McBrain leaves Sonor - article.

    Actually, I love the finish on his Legacy of the Beast tour kit. Eddie in all his myriad incarnations.
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    Pet Peeves

    I'm not only a drummer, but I ride a Harley as well and I would say that 2/3 of the vehicles I encounter on the road have their phone in their hand and their eyes aren't aren't on the road. I can't begin to tell you how many close calls I've had from morons paying more attention to their phones...
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    Top 20 Drum Fills from Rick Beato

    He left out Peart's fills from By-Tor and the Snow Dog. That's a shame.
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    Guitar Center..we all love to hate them...but .............................

    And then there are the useless coupons they email out to customers. In the small print it usually says "Products from the following manufacturers do not qualify for this offer:" followed by an alphabetical list of nearly every brand they carry. So the only thing that qualifies is the pink...
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    Do you plan on buying yourself anything drum-related for Christmas?

    Probably not. Earlier this year I added a Ludwig Zep kit to my collection and a half dozen new Meinl cymbals as well. I have probably exceeded my drumming budget for a while.
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    One foot out the door

    Don't feel guilty. I thought it was funny too.