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    Joyful Noise?

    Usually Curt and Ron Dunnett share a booth at NAMM, but I didn't see him this year.
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    In-Ear Monitors

    I have two pairs of the older KZ ZS6 (I think that was their number), and I can only say extreme value for money. They may not have the most balanced sound, but as a drummer I prefer a somewhat exaggerated bass and top anyway. With the upgrade cable they can take anything.
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    Considering sanding the bare edges of my drum shells, any advice?

    Never, ever, heard about that problem in a drum. But Sweden is not tropical hot and moist...
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    Considering sanding the bare edges of my drum shells, any advice?

    I have done this on many drums, and it is not hard at all. The important thing is to decide what your goal of this operation is: To make sure the edge is flat/horizontal (as checked on a glass table or similar)? To get rid of any dents? To make it smooth and shiny to tune easier? Or to alter the...
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    Concert toms

    Speaking of DW concert toms, I just noticed this kit on Instagram. I didn't know DW made larger versions as well.
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    Oh the irony!

    And you just _had_ to make the head clear, so that you could read the text? At least have the decency to use a center dot to protect the innocent!
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    Nice Inexpensive “Snare” Rack from Ikea

    As long as you keep the heads on (with some tension) there's no problem at all. Look at your bass drum.
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    Information on vintage premier

    These are nice drums and could be well worth to spend some time and money on -- if it weren't for the metric heads... I'd never want to gig a kit without knowing I can quickly find new heads of different types. And restoring a kit to only be eye candy or a museum piece would require you to...
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    Why don't more snares come with wires under the TOP head?

    Not exactly the same, but similar idea. I have it and it works (though I'm not that found of the sound, I like the white noise produced by a broken splash on the snare better).
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    Acrolite buying advice

    If you have the money, I'd say you should buy it if it is in good shape. As you have noted, these are hard to find at good prices in Europe. But, I'd not replace the Tama. That is a great workhorse, much more reliably built, and with another type of sound.
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    Thomas Lang and the PDP, carbon wrapped

    That "gong" bass drum really sound awful. The dreaded drainpipe resonance. The DW/DrumChannel guys usually do a better job than this recording.
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    Playing To A Click Live

    I usually don't use the click, only the light, to make sure I count off in time and stays pretty close. Unless there are backing tracks of course.
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    Playing To A Click Live

    Old thread, but I noticed this while searching for another topic (and disclaimer: I'm the creator of this app): The Andronome+ app has the ten key keyboard, unlimited presets and playlists. Easy to see and use also on a small screen (it all blinks!), so here are people keeping an old Android...
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    Vintage Yamaha 8000

    That is a beautiful kit! Looks mint.
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    Anyone still using hanging floor toms?

    Ah, I understand. Thanks for sharing!