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    Best quick lock cymbal nuts?

    Probably a good idea. I use mine on old (lightweight) flatbase Premier stands, and they just look wrong and "top heavy". But, they work perfectly fine.
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    Yamaha 9000 pre yess mounting toms advice

    The "extra" arm is the suspension that allows vibration just like the later YESS-whatever. So, don't touch that hex rod.
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    DW 25th anniversary drum set.

    For someone that owns a Keller-shelled kit, but know very little about DW -- what would that mean? Did DW improve or do worse on the raw shells?
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    Yamaha TT 800 series

    In the beginning both 9000 and 8000 had the short lugs (don't remember what year that changed). I definitely agree with the other posters that the 8000 were/are fantastic drums. One of these kits in the Real Wood finish will one day be in my drum room...
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    Washboard query

    I mostly play my washboards on low volume gigs, so hard plastic brushes or rods work perfectly.
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    Will deep bass drums ever make a comeback?

    They come and go, and is definitely not a new "craze". I bought my 20"x28" (note that 20" is the diameter, 28" is the depth) in the mid-80's. I have since cut it down to 20"x20" (and this time you can read the numbers in any order you like...), because the monster wouldn't fit in my car...
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    The Problem with Vertical/ Mag Snare Throws

    I always put the throw off in 12 or 6 o' clock, as I learned in school. The idea was to make sure you always played right on top of the snares, also when moving closer to the rim (for dynamics an/or sound). No idea if this actually makes any difference but I cannot really change my habits now...
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    Musikmesse in Frankfurt

    Who will go? What to expect? Anything in particular to check out? I'll be around on Thursday and Friday.
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    NAMM Show 2016 - rumors, expectations, gigs...

    I couldn't find a thread for what to expect from the NAMM show in January. So please add your rumors here, what gigs that are announced, which booths to keep an eye on... I'll be there from late Wednesday to Saturday; so three days at the show which I'm really looking forward to.