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    Your personal least favorite set you actually owned.

    Aahhh, the Sonor Bop kit. One of the most beautiful finishes I've ever seen on a set of drums. Sounded like trash from behind them but out front they were actually not bad. Very compact, light and easy to carry and store. Hated the 18" bass drum. Used to hurt my leg to play it.
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    Brush technique

    My band is playing an arrangement of Benny Goodman"s Moonglow. The music shows quarter note rolls played with brushes throughout much of the piece. I'm afraid I don't how to do those. In a couple of videos I looked at, the drummer was playing with one hand while dragging the other brush...
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    Fred Astaire...drumming hands and feet

    For anybody who's interested find the You Tube clip of Fred Astaire from the 1937 movie called Damsel in Distress. He's tap dancing between two sets of drums. Incredible! I don't have the link but it's easy to find.
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    Bubbling wrap

    Didn't see an answer to my question by doing a search so here goes. I bought a set of Pearl VSX drums second hand. They are champagne sparkle wrap. They look great except there are a couple of spots on the bass drum where the wrap is bubbled. One in particular is where the bass drum spur...
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    Acrolite finish

    I bought an acrolite snare drum recently. The finish is gray but not smooth. Ludwig used to have something back in the 60's called an orange peel finish. I know that this drum is not that old. The finish looks like it is original though. I've looked everywhere for an answer before throwing...
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    Rogers single pedal

    I just bought a grab bag of items off of Craigslist for cheap. Some of the stuff is nice and some not so nice. I got a Rogers, chain drive, single pedal. It looks like a modern day pedal, not like the really old stuff out of the 60's or 70's. It seems to be heavy duty and very smooth. I'm...
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    Zildian brushes

    Got a pair of Zildian brushes from my brother-in-law for Christmas. They are wire brushes and the ends are bent 90 degrees. I've never seen such a thing before. They resemble a lawn/leaf rake when fully extended. The claim is that by flipping them over you get two different sounds. Anyone...
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    Older Slingerlands on Craigslist...

    I could use some help from someone with more knowledge than me. I just looked at a set of Slingerlands that I came across on Craigslist. The set consists of : 22" bass 13" mounted tom 12" mounted tom 16 " floor tom 1 older? 18" Zildian Avedis medium crash 1 pair 14" Avedis new beat hi-hats...