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    A video from Virgil Donati

    15$ well spent... I am completely amazed.
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    Bruce Lee explains the durability of cymbals

    Such a nice analogy. ;)
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    Barbeque with drumsticks

    As you may have guessed, I'm not talking about chicken drumsticks, but broken and worn out hickory sticks that I have been collecting for unknown reasons. As you may know, drum sticks burn very well, I assume this is due to some sort of lacquer's being quite flammable. For this reason, I had the...
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    Sticks with grip for pad practice

    I know it's a technique thing, because my right hand stick stays just fine but the left hand stick keeps sliding forward, especially when practicing doubles strokes, which causes me to pinch the stick between the index the finger and the thumb. Not good. So does anyone use the Vic grip sticks...
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    Sabian chinas, short reviews, and asking for recommendation

    Today I tried chinas and compared with my 19" AAXtreme chinese which is slightly too powerful and bright, what I'm looking for is something more gentle, and darker, with lot's of wash and long sustain. Something big and thin I guess. 20" Paragon - KLANG! Thumbs down 20" Paragon diamond back -...
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    7 piece Sonor 3007 with Sabian cymbals

    This is my point of view... sort of. :p Really hard to piece pictures together like this. Cymbals 8" HH splash 14" Xs20 medium hats 19" HHX extreme crash 21" Vault Jack DeJohnette 3 point ride 17" HH thin crash 19" AAX extreme chinese I guess I'll be replacing the chinese eventually, it's...
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    To anyone having trouble with drum pedal settings

    Adjust the damn throne height! I've been fiddeling back and forth for months now with tuning of the bass drum, spring tension, beater height... Everything! Yet my pedal has felt very heavy to play, while not producing desired power in the strokes. I can't believe I have overlooked the importance...
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    Recording with 1 USB Mic

    I've recorded my practice sessions with a 15$ mic that came with guitar hero, the computer recognizes it as a "Usb Logitech microphone". Added a short audio sample, the mic is hanging just above my head, and I've given a 10db boost at 200hz in Audacity. It can be done even better by isolating...
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    Remo 10" practice pad, WAY too loud

    Has anyone else tried this practice pad? Playing 16th singles with what I'd call average power measured around 80db with my android app. How could anyone possibly stand the noise that this pad makes? I don't wanna have to use ear protection while practicing... I guess I'm looking for...
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    There are >50 dead flies in my 16" floor tom

    Yep, lying there on the reso head, all dead. A few ones still alive are flying around the edges underneath the batter head, desperately seeking a way out. After a quick search with google, I think they may be some sort of Drosophilidae, the size seems quite right at least, but I'm no...
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    Bass drum sounds fantastic when played HARD, but...

    ...there is no way I can maintain that power with every stroke, so I am in search of a more easily responsive bass drum. I am currently using a Remo powerstroke 4, 2 ply head with a sound control ring, so it's a heavy head. So, is it a 1 ply head that I should be using? Remo ps3 perhaps, or...
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    Durability of stacked cymbals

    I'm about to set up a stack of a china and a crash but I was wondering about the durability, are they more likely to break since they aren't vibrating freely? The way you play them should have some impact on this matter, I'm thinking that striking along the bow of the top cymbal with the...
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    Discovered something quite surprising about an 8" tom

    How this tom has been sounding so great is beyond me, just watch this. As you can see, the rim of the drum head is already touching the mounts, and the drum isn't even tuned. These Sonors really don't like Remo, some of you may have seen my posts about the 12" tom being abnormaly large...
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    Swiss triplet leading with your main hand

    I have played this rudiment for a long time, but only leading with the left hand which feels totally natural. But lately I've noticed that a flam between a tom and a snare sounds a lot more articulate when playing the tom first, since the snare has a lot more attack than a tom. So I've been...
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    12" tom out of round

    I made a thread some time ago about my 12" tom not sounding good, and as I measured it today, I found that it is 1mm out of round on both sides. Measured from lug to lug, two sides were 30.2cm, and one side 30.3cm. On the top two sides were 30.3cm and one side 30.4cm. I tried four different Remo...