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    A Dying God in London

    May as well share another video! This is video of my extreme metal band, A Dying God, performing live at the Boston Music Rooms in London back in February. For this gig I used the house kit (a Mapex M I believe), as well as a Mapex VX snare (borrowed from my school) and my Sabian XS20 Cymbals...
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    Forefather -Brunanburh Drum Cover

    Some nice metal for all you people... I covered the song "Brunanburh" by the band Forefather. I recorded all the guitar and bass tracks for this piece as well, but only did video for the drums. Enjoy!
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    Converting Double Pedals into two singles.

    So, I'm in the market for a new bass drum pedal, and was interested to know about converting double pedals into two singles. My current pedal (got it about 2 years ago) has this feature: But I've noticed...
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    Sabian XS20 vs Paiste PSt8 vs...?

    Hello all! New member here! I'm primarily an electronic drummer ( I have a somewhat DIY kit based around a Yamaha DTX500 brain) and as such, gigging isn't exactly easy! I'm starting to develop an ear for the sound I like in cymbals, but, given that I use a DTX500 module, most cymbals sound...