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    Bought my first Dream Bliss Cymbal

    For a while now ive had a 16" Zildjian Avedis medium thin crash that just wasnt working for me. Its a louder, brash cymbal, better suited towards rock and live playing. I wanted something darker and more complex like my 16" thin avedis. I was browing ebay today, and saw a Dream Bliss 18"...
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    anyone know what these are (toms/octobans?) Ive just bought these... for £5 it seemed a no brainer. They have 6" heads, and the lugs have "M's" engraved into them. The mounting is a kind of slide on bracket (no idea how i'll mount them yet) would value any ideas
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    Awful drum kit ad on local site

    holy tom angles batman... Plus some interesting spelling... Makes me ashamed to be scottish!!
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    Personalised Drum Sticks in the UK?

    As a wee gift to the lady friend, ive decided to try to get her some personalised drum sticks for her birthday in feb.. so want to get ahead of the game on this one. Does anyone know where i could get such a thing done? engraving would be ok... in an ideal world id love a pair of purple sticks...
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    me and my kit

    Well heres the couple of photos ive taken: -Mapex M-Birch (cherry red lacquer) -Fusion sizes... 8,10,12,14,20 -Remo Ambassador Heads -Zildjian A Avedis 13" Mastersound Hi-Hats -Zildjian A Avedis 16" Thin crash -Zildjian A Avedis 16" Medium Thin Crash -Zildjian A Avedis 10" Splash -Stagg SH 20"...
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    Got all my Avedis Cymbals today :)

    Very chuffed today.. picked up the last of my new Zildjian Avedis cymbals... these were to make up my very first set of zildjian cymbals. -16" A thin crash -16" A medium thin crash -10" A splash (brilliant) this is added to -13" A Mastersound Hi-Hats -20" Stagg SH Medium Ride (to be replaced...
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    Avedis...with A or without?

    Does anyone know why some zildjian Avedis cymbals have the small A logo on them (such as the large one found on the A customs) and some do not? Ive just purchased a 16" thin crash, which is definitely an Avedis, but has no A on it. Is the A a more recent addition to the avedis line (e.g...
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    stupid question.... (bass drum head)

    ... but is there any way at all.. to get a 22" resonant head onto a 20" drum? i screwed up and won an item on ebay thats the wrong size... its an ebony ambassador 22" head, with the john bonham logo on the front of it. Would love to have it on my kit, but sadly its just a 20" drum.
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    cheap remo ambassadors!!

    Hi guys was given a nice juicy sized amazon voucher by my boss for xmas this year, and didnt really know what to spend it on.. so thought i'd try looking for some new heads on amazon... found this: seems a...
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    Dilema... Cymbal or Black Panther Snare???

    Seems an odd dilema to be in... let me explain :) Having recently got a lovely Mapex M Birch kit, ive now added some 13" A mastersound hi hats. My plan had been at the end of the month, to add a 17" A custom crash (or 17" Avedis thin crash, as it sounds similar, if slightly less complex). The...
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    Cymbals... argh... need guidance

    having bought myself a kit that i absolutely love... i plan to upgrade the cymbals on it, a bit at a time. Currently, it has the horrid "solar" hi hats, crash and splash, with a STAGG SH 20" ride. The ride is actually quite nice, and seems to be one of staggs better efforts, so it'll likely...
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    Hello from a new guy :)

    Not sure this is the right section to post in for this (new forum, will take some getting used to) Wanted to introduce myself and say hi, and hopefully start coming to this place fairly often from now on, having just bought my first drum kit in 10 years!!. Got a craving to get back into...