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    Going to shows of a band you got rejected from a good idea?

    There is a band I've tried out for twice and didn't make it. tried out 1st time on bass and 2nd on drums. I feel like I'm almost good enough and will have more chances to try out for this band in the future. My question is, do you think going to one of the bands shows would increase my chances...
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    Always out of breath, need to get my stamina up somehow.

    I'm going to be trying out for a seriously fast speed/thrash metal band. I'm always finding myself out of breath after playing a song. Wondering what I can do? Going to have to soup myself up somehow if I'm going to be in this band. Wondering how much it would help if I had a bottle of oxygen...
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    Do drummers lose points for disassembling the moment the show is done?

    Sorry if this question doesn't really make sense. I can't really put my finger on exactly why this would be. But when I go to a venue to see live bands, I might think a band I've never seen before is really rockin!.. Then once the final note of that final song has been played, the drummer will...
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    Do you appreciate having more than just the band watch as you try out?..

    Was wondering if most of you guys would appreciate it if a band you're trying out for has more than just band members watching as you try out. Such as girlfriends, friends or a manager... Do you guys like this because it makes the band that much more established? Or despise it because it gives...
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    How does a band keep a drummer?....

    First off, let me explain that I'm not the drummer of the band I'm in. I tried out as the drummer, wasn't good enough, but they let me be the guitarist which I'm very excited about!... Anyway, we got a drummer and after learning about 2 songs, he said he couldn't come in anymore because work...
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    Who wants to join this Thrash Metal band in Millis Mass?...

    This is the band I've been playing guitar with (although I originally tried out as the drummer)... The bands biggest problem now is the current drummer won't show up for practice. It's been an entire month of him blowing off practice because he had to fill in for someone at work!... So if you...
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    How come Bass amps usually go on the left of the stage?

    Just wondering how it came to be that usually a bass player and his amp are on the left of the stage (or right if you're on the stage)? Is it because the floor tom helps act as a sound barrier between the amp and snare to help keep the amp from rattling the snare?
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    If you play Speed Metal, Black Metal or Death Metal did you start off that way?

    For you guys who play the Speed Metal, Black Metal or Death Metal which requires serious stamina. I was wondering if you guys started out playing that kind of music or did you first start off playing something much easier such as Doom Metal?
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    Now that youtube has annoying ads, what do we have for alternatives?

    I've been more inclined to go on Vimeo lately as an alternative to youtube.. So far it seems to be ad free but the problem is, the searches you do on it don't seem to give you nearly as good of results. For example, I typed "double bass technique" into both and got much better results from...
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    Do you guys have double pedal problems with the left pedal drifting forward?

    I'm having problems with my left side pedal for the double bass slowly vibrating forward while I'm playing it. I already have the spikes for it turned all the way clockwise. Do any of you guys have this problem too?
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    What diameter is Gibraltar tube and what's compatible with it?

    What's the diameter of the tube for drum racks? Is it a common diameter like 1 1/4" or is it something weird so you can't buy it in a hardware store wether it's standard or metric? Do other brands of drum racks use the same diameter pipe as Gibraltar? Looks like the pipe might be the same...
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    If you have multiple kits, what's for the practice space, what's for home and what's for gigs?

    I only have one kit currently... A Pearl 5 piece with 20 inch Bass and Sabian cymbals. But I plan on buying whatever I can find on craigslist for a bargain once I get accepted into a band so I have one for the practice space and one for home..... Just wondering what everyone else does about...
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    Wondering what everyone has to say about trying to make a living drumming?

    I'm trying to understand what types of bands make what kind of money and why? I welcome any guidance.... . So far I understand that totally original acts starting out make the least, a few steps above that is being a cover band, a few steps above that is being a tribute band and a few...
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    Think it's a good idea to record an audition?

    I was thinking about asking a band I want to audition for if I can set up a video camera first and record the whole audition. I want to post it here so you guys can all tell me what I did wrong or right, what I should have said, what I shouldn't have said... Everything.... But not too sure it's...
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    This guy's bass drums sound like a car with engine knock problems... Why?

    Trying to figure this out.... This guys bass drums sound exactly like a car with engine knock problems.... I'm guessing maybe he's using drum triggers and you can hear the actual sound of the real bass drums along with the artificial. Is that the reason...