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    Roland VAD506

    If I may: The VAD shells have no acoustic function or value. If you turn the electricity off and hit the mesh head, it will sound the same on a VAD 503/506 acoustic looking drum trigger as a TD-17KV or TD-27KV mesh pad- i.e. just the sound of a stick hitting mesh.No acoustic drum tone. Rubber...
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    Late Night Practice Pad

    You can convert any 14 in. drum (or other size drums) to a silent hands practice solution using one of the Remo Silentstrokes. You could even throw some old t-shirt into the drum before...
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    Best beater for elctronics drums

    I agree that the felt beater is ultimately bad for a mesh head. That's for sure so get any smooth plastic beater that feels good. Not sure about using the patch but....I don't speak from experience
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    Two 18” Crashes

    I own (3) 18 in. crashes but I don't use them all simultaneously. The combos I have used simultaneously: A - 18 in K Constantinople 18 in. Istanbul Jazz Crash B- 18 in K Sweet Crash 18 in K Constantinople However I do also have a 19 in. K Dark Crash that I will use instead of the Istanbul...
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    Roland VAD 306 Bass Drum Issue

    I haven't been close up but if you can stack a washer on the screw that tightens the spur try 1 or 2, maybe a lock washer. Maybe call Roland and see what they say. Again the velcro thing might work too.
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    Roland VAD 306 Bass Drum Issue

    You might need to adjust your spurs in some way. Possibly extend them to where the front rim is off the floor. One thing that can help is to put velcro on the bottom of the pedal and make sure it 'catches' on your drum rug or carpet
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    Black Beauty alternative

    I have an Acrolite (older '68) 14 x 5 and honestly it only reveals how much of a winner it is under a recording mike. I believe that many drums like true BB's, single ply snares (Craviotto, Radio Kings), etc. are at the top of the heap because they do that. Some might even be happier with the...
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    New DCP DW Snare.

    I can hear that 'fatter smack' on the custom. Very nice.
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    I Can't Drum Today Because...

    My dog ate it. (BAD DOG!!) LOL! Actually I am getting to play/practice/record on my electronics which is something I thought I'd never do. However - that's what's available in apartment land.
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    Has Gretch quality decreased? We’re Gretch drums sold to another company?

    Completely agree with everything said above. FWIW Hal Leonard distributes the Gretsch Imports just as DW distributes the US versions I bought my Gretsch kit in 1982 when there was only the main USA line. It was priced that way too (for the time), They would be the comparable line to the USA...
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    Non-standard heads for Acrolite

    I'm with those that say use what you have - although in my situation I would buy what I wanted brand new. One thing you haven't mentioned is what kind of recording it's going to be. You may want the control rings instead of a lot of dampening on an open single ply head. Personally I go with wide...
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    Aquarian Jack dejohnette heads

    Personally stick marks aren't a concern of mine so i can't report on that. I do know that the JDJ heads mirror the other Aquarian heads when it comes to coating wearing off - i.e. the coating lasts the longest of all the different brands of heads I've used.
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    Mapex Saturn Evolution?

    As far as timeline post-NAMM, China is still recovering from being shut down, some factories still not open. Even if they are already manufactured and sitting in the (China) warehouse it takes 90 days to get them here and in local warehouses. There will be an extended wait for many instruments...
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    Looking for a great sounding 4" snare

    +1. Great sounding and versatile snare.