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    Help identifying this Zildjian stamp?

    I can look around online for weeks and still not figure it out. Can someone help? This is on an 18" ride.
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    Funk with a Bonham Set?

    Sold off a bunch of stuff except for my Ludwig classic maple Bonham set. Planned to head back over to guitar land for a bit, then landed this funk gig on drums with some GREAT players. I've ALWAYS wanted to play funk, so I'm super excited! It's a modern original band, but their songs are...
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    Would like to get some real lightweight soft cases... Options?

    I'd like to get some really lightweight cases or even bags to protect against scratches when transporting. Cases I can wad up and stuff inside each other at the gig. Not for protection from dropping or anything. Honestly, it would be cool to have a huge "crown royal" style bags. That would be...
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    How to drill bass drum with lacquer finish?

    Ive installed bass drum cymbal holders before, but only in drums that are wrapped. My new Ludwigs have a lacquer finish and id die if that lacquer cracked. Like die. So, what are the correct techniques for drilling without cracking?
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    VIDEO - New Ludwig Classic Maple Kit - 26" Bass Drum

    It's a Bonham kit, but I fully realize I can't play anything like him! So there! Anyway, just picked this up on Labor Day from a small local dealer (Fred Pierce's Drum Studio). Got a killer deal (as usual from Fred). I still have all of the stock heads on it for now. I've spent alot of time...
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    Decided to celebrate by buying...

    ... A brand new Ludwig Classic Maple kit with the exact features I wanted -- large lugs, "T" tension rods on bass drum, arch spurs, thermogloss finish, blue/olive badges, and Bonham sizes. Can't believe it was IN STOCK at a local dealer! It's exactly how I would've ordered it! I'm celebrating...
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    Sabian Big and Ugly 24" King Ride

    I've checked out every Sabian Big and Ugly I've run across hoping to find one that grabs me. None have until the other day when I heard this 24" King model. I didn't buy it that day, but I thought about it for a few days. I went back and hit it again and it sounded better than I remembered...
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    Me playing along to - Harvey Mason "Chameleon"

    Definitely wasn't brave enough to post this during the competition, but now that it's over, what the heck... I had a good time playing to this. I get lost at times, but whatever. :) Sorry for the crappy quality.
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    Puppet plays Tom Sawyer...

    Maybe this is well known, I have no idea. But a friend just sent this to me and it's fantastic! ha ha ha...
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    Dents along edge of new Paiste Dark Energy hi hats... URGH

    EDIT on 4/23/15 - These aren't dents along the edge. These are hammer marks and they haven't affected the structural integrity or sound. I'm sure they were there when I bought them new and just didn't notice them! I'm an idiot! LOL... They look worse in the pics, because I was trying to...
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    My drum kits and cymbals...

    This is definitely a "hey, look at me" thread. I work hard for a living and have no shame in owning nice things. :) Anyway, here's a shot of my two drum sets - Yamaha Club Custom and Live Custom. I have 22/10/12/14/16 drums for both, but use them setup the way they are in the pics. Snares...
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    Paiste Signature Dark Energy Cymbal Set

    Just got a new set of cymbals this past weekend that I'm madly in love with (honeymoon phase, I know... ha ha.) Made a quick video. Here's a post about me getting them.
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    Went to Memphis Drum Shop (again)...

    Spent the weekend in Memphis with my beautiful wife. We love that place! I was excited like a kid waiting to head back to Memphis Drum Shop! LOL These guys are the real deal. After I narrowed things down they brought out several cymbals for me to piece together as a set. I landed on a set...
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    Remo's coating... Did they make changes recently?

    I love the sound of coated Remo's, but like several others on here, the coating was wearing off very, very quickly. I know this sounds made up, but I've put many new coated Remo heads on my drums the past several years and 99% of the time, the coating would wear away where the stick hits within...
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    Sabian Ride Comparison - Artisan 22", AAX Memphis 21", AAX Omni 22"

    Hi folks. Just made a quick video comparing my three Sabian ride cymbals side-by-side. I really dig these cymbals! :) Curious to hear opinions on the sounds, but also how these rides play well together (or not!)