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    Rick Beato: Modern Music's Death by Auto-Tune

    Yep, all the music that has already been made is still there, still to be enjoyed. I watch a lot of music theory channels, and I'm going to paraphrase something that 12tone said on his when he was analyzing a Britney Spears song (think it was Toxic). He said something like "When she first hit...
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    Rick Beato: Modern Music's Death by Auto-Tune

    Last few posts are absolutely correct......Rick knows his audience, knows they skew older and are males and are typically white (as far as I know, he's only featured two black artists on his What Makes This Song Great series, Stevie Wonder and Seal, although seriously, check out his recent Kiss...
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    Rick Beato: Modern Music's Death by Auto-Tune

    Sure the dawn of rock and roll was the end of musicianship. "What, you only have to learn four chords? What type of musicianship is that?" Get a little perspective here. It's just the next change.
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    Rick Beato: Modern Music's Death by Auto-Tune

    If you think about it, is anybody delusional enough to think that this wasn't an inevitability? The history of music has always been about making music more interesting and easier. Similar arguments can be made about Midi replacing a gazillion synths, or rock bands replacing "proper" ensembles...
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    How much does stick size affect the ability to play fast?

    Yeah look at the speed DCI guys are playing at, and they're playing with Ralph Hardimon logs.
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    Sina Doering

    Sorry if I'm being crass, but if you're not a drummer....why are you here? In fact, this is your only post, just talking about Sina. Like......why? This only proves the point I made earlier.
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    How did the New Breed affect your playing?

    I have specific systems that I work on, then work on a melody page, from 60-100 bpm. Once it's clean at 100, I move on to the next melody page.
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    Take Five and Malaguena

    New mix of Malaguena has been uploaded, first post edited
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    How did the New Breed affect your playing?

    I've worked on it off and on over the years. The main thing I've noticed it has improved the accuracy of my bass drum attacks. I used to be *ever* so slightly off the grid with my bass drum playing, not noticeable but I couldn't line it up with my snare hits. New Breed really helped me fix that...
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    Take Five and Malaguena

    In both of them? Malaguena was actually taken down and is being remixed, I'll put it back up when it's available again. Take Five was mixed by someone who only does classical music and (I'm guessing) probably has no clue how to mix drumset, probably just set levels and reverb from the raw files...
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    If you could only recommend three instructional books, what would they be?

    Funky Primer can get a little bit whacky and some of the more advanced exercises are complicated for complicated's sake and have no useful application, but it's not bad. Joel Rothman has tons of offerings in the rock world. I'm working out of his Rock Hand/Foot fill book right now, lot of fun...
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    What is Hip

    Damn. I played an instrumental arrangement of this in high school jazz band. Killer tune, and you fucking nailed it.
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    How to Count 16th note triplets

    Heh, thread necromancy. It seems that sextuplets, despite how common they are, don't have a dedicated system that quarters, eighths, triplets, sixteenths have. I just use "digada digada digada" because I can say it out-loud/internally quick.
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    Every Groove Essentials 2.0 Groove

    So....I'm not done ;) The Global Tours at the back of the book are medleys of a bunch of the different songs/grooves.....5 at a time! So it's 15+ minutes of playing, quickly switching from one to another with usually a 2 measure solo. I was planning on doing just the Global Tours from Groove...
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    Take Five and Malaguena

    Thanks, I didn't do these arrangements, I just played the drums.