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    Need your opinions/advice about my rack tom

    I think your kit looks cool as it is. By all means try get a 12 but if you find a 13 for cheaper that matches go for it, you won't be disappointed.
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    Preferred rack tom sizes

    With a 20 kick, I love 10,12,14,16 as others have stated. With a 22 kick, 10,12,13,16. The interval between 13 and 16 is wonderful IMO and doesn't get enough love. With a 24 kick, either 13.16,18 or 12,15,18. Either way, happy hunting
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    Indentify old Premier snare

    puresound make snares for it, you can get replacements easily enough. also, it's sometimes easier to replace the tension bolts with regular square-head type, just keep the originals together in a bag and store them away safely. the other thing to look out for is if the snare throw lever is...
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    Tamaefx Premier Signia

    I got a local printer to make me up some decals. they look pretty good for about 5euro each
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    Tamaefx Premier Signia

    Signias are the best drums ever made imo. i have a 7 piece in cherry as my main kit - 8,10,12,14,16,22. i'd love to be able to convert my 14 and 16 toms to floor toms - where did you get the mounting brackets for your 16? also, if you want to sell one of your snares, please let me know :)